The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You
See Category:Psychs for the list of psychs.

Players in the Reapers' Game can attack enemy Noise and Reapers using psychs, psychic powers gained by equipping pins that are compatible with the Player's Soul. A psych's polarity will fall under one of the four following affinities:

Positive and negative psychs may be absorbed, resisted, or deal additional damage to certain Noise. See Resistance for details. Neutral psychs deal nominal damage to all types of Noise.

In Final Remix, some of the new pins featured new, original psychs while others featured returning psychs. However, those with returning psychs often displayed additional or alternative effects and attacks. This includes an Entanglement pin that doesn't deal damage and another that heals Neku based on the damage done, and four pins that deal both positive and negative damage with separate aspects of their attacks.


There are several ways to activate a psych. Each pin requires a specific action to activate their psych, and the type of action cannot be substituted or changed (except in the case of pin evolution, in which it is possible that the effects of the psych and/or required input may automatically change after evolution).

Types of psychs[]

Note: Italicized psychs are used to indicate where a Final Remix pin functions as a special exception to the normal positive or negative alignment.