This fox Noise can grow as many as nine tails. But you had better pray it doesn't...
— Noise Report

The Progfox is a fox boss Noise in The World Ends with You that has a white body, red body markings, and golden tattoo tails. It is an optional boss Noise on Week 2: Day 3, and has the unique ability among Noise in performing a powerful Fusion-like attack. However, it is still far weaker than the game's true superboss.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

  • Teleport: The Progfox's main tool of mobility. While Progfox does not run around, it will teleport around the screen ever few seconds while idle; even into mid-air where it will levitate.
  • Sacred Fire-Tails Lv9: Progfox can collect the red flames created through Foxfire, which allows it to grow a tail and attain new abilities. When it attains its maximum number of tails, nine, after using Nine Tail Blast, the tails will be reverted back to one.
  • Noise Armor: Progfox has an unusual amount of health, where a large portion of it is "armor" in the form of an Armor Gauge. The Armor Gauge helps indicate the likelihood that Progfox will utilize its Nine Tail form.
  • Petrified Statue: If a non-simultaneous attack would erase the Progfox, it instead transforms into an indestructible statue-like form and remains stationary while glowing on the opposite screen. Although it cannot be damaged on the screen that it has turned to stone, any damage on the opposite screen will quickly erase it.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Foxfire: The Progfox howls to summon three red flames appear on the ground. These flames cause Attack Break and damage upon player contact. If the Progfox howls while there are still flames on the ground, then they will slowly move towards the fox Noise and encircle it. If the Progfox touches any of the flames, it is absorbed to add a tail to its Sacred Fire-Tails. The player can destroy the flame to prevent this.
  • Art of Transformation: The Progfox has the ability to transform into many things. With more tails, the more things it can transform into.
    • Mimic Dixiefrog: The Progfox transforms into a Dixiefrog that stands still and inflates its throat sac. It then releases a number of bubbles that inflict damage on contact; damaging the bubbles will pop them (the bubbles are considered airborne). Attacking the "Dixiefrog" while it's inflating its throat sac cancels the attack altogether. No tails required.
    • Mimic Easterraven: The Progfox transforms into an Easterraven that shoots a bullet-like feather from its wing at the player. No tails required.
    • Mimic Garage Wolf: The Progfox transforms into a Garage Wolf that dashes at high speed from one side of the battle area to the other, damaging everything in its path, while leaving a path of flames in its wake. The attack only strikes once on the top screen. No tails required.
    • Moyai Drop: The Progfox disappears briefly, only to transform into a giant stone head (likely meant to be the Moai-like Moyai statue seen in-game) that falls on top of the player. Three tails required.
    • Mimic Neku: The Progfox transforms into a doppelgänger of Neku, albeit with darker red hair and wearing a fox mask. The copy will use a red version of either Apport C, Piercing Pillar R, or Stellar Flurry. Six tails required.
    • Invincible Skeleton: The Progfox transforms into a large skeleton that resembles the upper torso of a human skeleton, albeit with only three fingers on each hand. The back of the skeleton consists of a tattoo-like spinal column and a mass of flames. Although intimidating-looking, the skeleton will not do anything, but any attack on it will restore a portion of the Progfox's HP. This form will only appear on the bottom screen, while also having a six tails requirement.
    • Mushroom Form: The Progfox transforms into a red mushroom with white spots (likely meant to be a fly agaric). Unlike its other forms, this leaves it immobilized and defenseless. Luckily for the fox Noise, this transformation is rarer than the others and very brief. No tails requirement.
  • Nine Tails Blast: Once the Progfox amasses its maximum of nine tails, it will initiate this powerful Fusion-like attack that prevents the target from moving while it is in effect. The Progfox begins by staying still while flames rotate faster and faster in a tight circle around it. It then howls, and the screen fades to white, only to return with purple streaks flying by on both screens. Suddenly, on both screens (albeit in opposite directions), the Progfox's "Fusion" form (pictured below) quickly flies past, then returns to face both Neku and his partner. It fires a thin purple "targetting" beam at both targets, then raises its head, lowers it, and fires a large purple fireball that once again turns the screen white. The view returns to reveal that a spherical purple blast that slowly increases in size is now covering both characters, and the Progfox's "Fusion" form flies up and out of view. Both characters are then returned to the normal battle area, albeit having been knocked back and receiving heavy damage. Dashing and blocking before the attack begins proper can allow the player to dodge this, although the chances are still slim.


Progfox (Fusion form)

The Progfox's nine-tailed "Fusion" form (minus its tattoo wings).

Both Neku and his partner must have high attack, defense, and HP stats to defeat the Progfox. This fox Noise uses its teleport ability a lot, so it can be difficult for the player to keep up. Shockwave pins should not be equipped, as the flames that revolve around Progfox will cause Attack Break. The flames that it summons should be quickly erased, as the Progfox will use them to grow more tails and use more powerful attacks. However, since the flames have 100 HP each, they shouldn't be too difficult to dispose of. The Progfox's "Fusion" attack inflicts massive damage and could cause the battle to be over prematurely. The player should be sure to heal after the Noise uses this attack.

An effective method of defeating Progfox is to inflict HP Drain (by using pins like Tin Pin Fire) on it, which will diminish its 5000 HP by a percentage over time; a much more efficient damage-dealer than any other method given Progfox's extremely high HP. This effect can be prolonged with the use of Strong Heart or any other Life Blight-inducing pin, as these will increase HP Drain's duration. The player should also remember to do some non-HP Drain damage on Progfox once it is on its last few HP, as HP Drain alone will only be able to take its HP down to a minimum of 1.


The Progfox's name is a play on "progressive rock" (a rock music subgenre often shortened to just "prog") and "fox".


Oddly, the Progfox's Dixiefrog and Garage Wolf forms use attacks that the real versions of the Noise cannot use; Dixiefrogs are unable to spit out bubbles and Garage Wolves cannot perform the "Blazing Rush" ability. However, all other members of each of their respective Noise families can use these attacks.


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