Neku pressure mine

Pressure Mine is a neutral psych exclusive to Egg Bomb. To activate it, press the bottom center portion of an obstacle. The obstacle will be marked for a limited time and will trigger when a non-blocking enemy nears it. Additional damage may be dealt from the minute obstacle movement after detonation. Interestingly, this additional damage is treated as positive rather than neutral. Note that mine detonation will not destroy an obstacle. Pressure Mine is categorized under B class.


Pressure Mine has an efficiency rating of 200%, which is tied for the highest in the game. Unfortunately, mine detonations cannot take advantage of the puck, though secondary damage dealt by collisions can take advantage of the puck. As a result, since the efficiency of collisions can span from 100% (traffic cone) to 550% (SUV) depending on the obstacle, the effectiveness of using puck multipliers can vary depending on the objects available. Note that such collisions are not guaranteed. Multiple mines may be planted on a single obstacle.

One such deck that takes advantage of this is Terrorist:

The main strategy is to plant four mines at once with the help of Her Royal Highness. Raven then sends the rigged obstacle towards an enemy, resulting in all four mines detonating at the same time. The Egg Bombs are sub-slotted in order to avoid a psych conflict with Psychokinesis.

# Name Brand Cls Psych Spec Power Eff ATK200 Uses Lasts Boot Reboot Info
Pin 039c039Egg BombPavo Real B Neupsyche.gif Pressure Mine P Attack 612005221 use02.5Press an obstacle to turn it into a bomb that explodes on enemy contact. Inflicts damage.
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