The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

The Player Pin features CAT's famous skull and crossbones design.

The Player Pin is the first pin that every Player acquires as they start the Reapers' Game. It is the only pin shown in the game that does not require a pact in order to use. It features it's own unique design in both The World Ends with You. Neku has an extra Player Pin, however, other players only need one for a normal Game. The Player Pin prevents the wielder from being scanned or imprinted. This also repels the effects of the 'O-pin'.

The Player Pin has one active psych called Scan. It is a (B) psych, requiring the pin to be tapped in order to activate. Once a Player scans, they will be able to tune into the thoughts of others and scan for Noise to battle.

The Player Pin is unique in at least one way; it cannot be accessed in the Phone menu. This has a few ramifications:

  • Its number is indeterminable (most assume that its number is 000, due to the fact that every Player must have one in order to participate in the game).
  • Its Psych (Scan) cannot be used in battle
  • Its brand is indeterminable. The game provides evidence that the Pin was designed by CAT, which would suggest that the Pin is of the Gatito brand. However, no increase in power or functionality is shown when Gatito is the top brand. The theory of its branding can further be supported due to its counterpart, the 'Red Skull' AKA 'O-Pin', being a Gatito pin.
  • It cannot be placed in a deck for use in battle or Tin Pin.
  • It cannot be sold.
  • It is the only known pin that can be used by every Player (most pins cannot be used by all Players).

A replica of the Player Pin was also made by Sho Minamimoto in Another Day, but it was destroyed in its second round of Tin Pin Slammer.


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