The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

TWEWY's main cast of Players.

The Wicked Twisters, NEO:TWEWY's team of Players and main cast.

Players are the deceased people who play in the Reapers' Game, a contest where only one winning Player is restored to life. The players are chosen by the Reapers after they die in the Realground (reality). Although it is unseen, it is implied the players consent to playing in the Reapers' Game and are informed of its basic mechanics and rules. They must also sacrifice whatever is most important to them, which is called their Entry Fee, and it is returned to them if they win the Game.

Afterwards, they are moved into Shibuya's Underground, an alternate dimension where they can see events in the Realground, yet cannot be noticed by any person there (living "normal" people which are unrelated to the game). Their objective is to find a partner by forming a pact, accomplish every mission that is sent to them (customarily, time-limited and one per day), and survive Noises which are summoned by their enemies, the Reapers, for one week. Reapers are not ordinarily allowed to attack players unless the Conductor or another high-ranking Reaper individually puts Shibuya on "Emergency Call".

If one or some players accomplish the mission, it counts as a victory for all players - they lose consciousness until the next day, when they must face a new mission.

Players are erased in the same conditions an alive person would die (not necessarily within combat) or if they do not accomplish the mission within the assigned time limit.

The mission delivered on the last day of the week is always to defeat the Game Master of the week.

All Players must bear:

  • A Player pin that distinguishes them as players, enabling them to "scan" the minds of non-players, among other effects.
  • Their cell phone, in which they receive missions via SMS (the in-game menu is designed like a menu from a cellphone). If this mission has a time limit, their right palms are painfully imprinted with a timer when they finish reading the mission requirements. This timer vanishes if they complete the mission.

They also are given a small set of other pins at the start of the game so they can use them in battle.

Players do not have any special powers beyond the ones that pins and the Pact give them. As a consequence, they cannot travel to other planes, with the exception of certain Realground areas emblazoned with a red Reaper decal. Most pins cannot be used out of battle (with exception of the Player Pin and Psychokinesis, and most players can only use a small set of pins, being limited to Shockwave or Psychokinesis (in the case of Beat and Shiki). Neku shows to be an utter exception, being able to use virtually every collectible pin in the game. Still, the rule preventing him to use pins out of battle holds for him.

The exact nature of the Psychokinesis seems to very from player to player for example: Neku and Shiki can both use Psychokinesis but only Shiki can animate objects while Neku can only move them from one place to another. Beat can use his skateboard to augment his Shockwave ability even though Neku can use Shockwave, he cannot perform the tricks that Beat does because he does not have a skateboard. Joshua can cause random street items to fall from the sky. He can do this in the game because he is not really a player.

Players who have not done this Pact or whose companion has been erased are thus unable to use psychs until they find a new partner and pact with him/her, having seven minutes to do so. They are also exposed to attacks from all Noises (the Pact normally defends them from Noise they do not intend to attack).

They must fight in pairs, with each member at a different "zones" in the same space; they only can sense the "zone" they are in (see Fusion attack for the exception to this rule). The reason for this is that the vast majority of Noises are able to live in both zones simultaneously, with each manifestation free to move independently from the other. Both manifestations share the same health, so when a Noise is erased in a zone, it disappears from the other one as well. Same applies to both players.

Performance of a pair is increased accordingly to the synchronization between their actions. (See Light Puck.)

Players are ranked at the end of every game, and they may be erased, accepted within the Reapers or Angels (this only happens with the absolute best of them), or reincarnated, according to their performance.

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  • As mentioned in the Secret Reports, Players are not truly dead (only their physical bodies in the RG) and they merely possess different Soul code, and have been tuned in to a different plane.
  • It is not explained what happens if a Player is revived to life, such as if time is rewound before their death, or if reality is altered as if they never died. It is also not explained if a Player is allowed to keep their memory of the Reapers' Game.

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