This is the Pin Acquisition list. It is useful to see which pins can be obtained from where. By sorting on Evolved from all pins that can't be evolved will get grouped together.

 NameBrandSold byDropped byEvent rewardEvolved from
Pin 001Ice BlowD+BMolco
Pin 002Ice RisersD+B1
Pin 003Frozen CoolD+BMolco
W2D7 - Concert Stage at A-East
Pin 004Blizzard CoolD+B3
Pin 005EarthshakeD+BW1D7
Pin 006Sexy DD+BW1D5
Pin 007Sexy +D+B59 EW2D2 Pig (Tipsy Tose Hall)
Pin 008Sexy BD+B7
Pin 009StraitjacketD+BMolco
Pin 010Blown KissD+B43 N
Pin 011D+BD+B104 (x2 Orichalcum, x3 Shadow Matter, x1 Dark Matter)
D+B Molco
Pin 012Happy BeamNatural PuppyCadoi City
Shibukyu Stationside
Pin 013Natural MagnumNatural Puppy20 N12
Pin 014Wonder MagnumNatural Puppy17 E13
Pin 015Beauty LauncherNatural Puppy12
Pin 016One Love MagnumNatural PuppyCadoi City
Pin 017Hounder MagnumNatural Puppy77 N13
Pin 018Bear Hug MagnumNatural Puppy78 N17
Pin 019Sparkle BeamNatural Puppy16
Pin 020Lil' Terror BazookaNatural Puppy77 U17
Pin 021Angel MagnumNatural Puppy78 U18
Pin 022Cutie BeamNatural PuppyCadoi City
Pin 023Lovely BeamNatural Puppy26 N22
Pin 024Sexy BeamNatural Puppy41 E23
Pin 025Superfine BeamNatural Puppy27 NH23
Pin 026Playmate BeamNatural PuppyW3D4
Pin 027Purity LauncherNatural Puppy24
Pin 028Innocence BeamNatural Puppy25
Pin 029Pop PendulumNatural Puppy56 N
Pin 030Casual PendulumNatural PuppyDefeat Uzuki Yashiro W3D3
Pin 031Love Me TetherNatural Puppy34 EUW1D6, Pig (Cadoi City)
Pin 032Pamper Me TetherNatural Puppy38 E31
Pin 033Sweet Talk TetherNatural Puppy35 E31
Pin 034Natural PuppyNatural Puppy79 H
Pin 035FranticPavo Real22 N
Pin 036Blink StepPavo RealShibukyu Stationside
Pin 037First GearPavo Real42 EW2D4, Pig (Molco)36
Pin 038Top GearPavo Real19 N36
Pin 039Egg BombPavo Real24 N
Pin 040Meteor MagnetPavo Real34 NW1D7 after N90
Pin 041Meteor HookPavo Real40
Pin 042Meteor SpikePavo Real41
Pin 043Strong HeartPavo Realle Grand in Cadoi City
Pin 044Strong SpiritPavo Real62 E
Pin 045Strong BodyPavo RealW2D5
Pin 046Strong 'n ProudPavo Real57 EW2D6
Pin 047Poison ScorpionPavo RealShibukyu Stationside
Pin 048Poison SkullPavo RealShibukyu Stationside
Pin 049Poison BonesPavo RealW1D3
Pin 050Poison ChainsPavo RealShibukyu Stationside
Pin 051Rapier GlancePavo Real48
Pin 052Love ChargePavo RealW1D4, Pig (Scramble Crossing)
Pin 053Guardian AngelPavo Real54 E
Pin 054ArchangelPavo RealW2D7, Pig (Shibukyu Main Store)53
Pin 055Energy FactorPavo Real32 N
Pin 056Speed FactorPavo RealW3D5 Pig (Towa Records)
Pin 057Supply FactorPavo Real30 E
Pin 058ChaosPavo Real47
Pin 059Pavo RealPavo Real23 EH
Pin 060Lightning MoonMus RattusW1D4
Pin 061Lightning StormMus Rattus03 NH
Pin 062Burning CherryMus RattusAll MR stores
Pin 063Burning MelonMus RattusW2D5, Pig (Cat Street)62
Pin 064Burning BerryMus RattusW2D6, Pig (Shibu-Q Heads)62
Pin 065Aqua MonsterMus Rattus05 N
Pin 066Aqua GhostMus Rattus09 N
Pin 067Aqua DemonMus Rattus66
Pin 068Cornered RatMus RattusAll MR stores
Pin 069Blast WarningMus RattusAll MR stores
Pin 070Candle ServiceMus RattusAll MR stores
Shibu-Q Heads
Pin 071Shock WarningMus RattusAll MR stores
Shibu-Q Heads
Pin 072Kinetic WarningMus RattusAll MR stores
Shibu-Q Heads
Pin 073Impact WarningMus Rattus104
Cadoi City
Pin 074Storm WarningMus RattusAll MR stores
Pin 075Electric WarningMus RattusAnother Day Pig
Pin 076Teleport WarningMus Rattus44 N
Pin 077ShoutMus RattusCadoi City
Pin 078Psych SupportMus RattusW2D5
Pin 079Stopper SparkMus RattusW3D5 Pig (AMX)
Pin 080Mus RattusMus RattusAll MR stores
Pin 081MasamuneJupiter of the Monkey104 (Edoga)
W1D4, after boss
Pin 082OnikiriJupiter of the MonkeyJ of the M Cat Street81
Pin 083NenekiriJupiter of the Monkey27 E81
Pin 084KanesadaJupiter of the MonkeyJ of the M Cat Street82
Pin 085EnjuJupiter of the Monkey62 N83
Pin 086YoshimitsuJupiter of the Monkey62 U85
Pin 087IchimonjiJupiter of the Monkey39 NW2D2
Pin 088NikkariJupiter of the MonkeyW2D5, Pig (West Exit Bus Terminal)87
Pin 089MikazukiJupiter of the Monkey87
Pin 090ShiroJupiter of the Monkey86 EN
Pin 091UnjoJupiter of the Monkey104 (Edoga)
J of the M Cat Street
Pin 092IzanagiJupiter of the Monkey91
Pin 093MurasameJupiter of the Monkey33 NW1D5
Pin 094RakuyoJupiter of the Monkey49 N H93
Pin 095KusanagiJupiter of the Monkey51 U94
Pin 096OhabariJupiter of the MonkeyJ of the M Cat Street for 3x Murasame; 3x Tektite; 1x Shadow Matter
Pin 097ZantetsuJupiter of the Monkey90
Pin 098MitamaJupiter of the Monkey45 NN87
Pin 099IzanamiJupiter of the MonkeyW2D2 Pig (Molco)
Pin 100OnmyoJupiter of the Monkey17 N
Pin 101KonohanaJupiter of the Monkey43 E
Pin 102Konohana SakuyaJupiter of the MonkeyW2D3
Pin 103Jupiter of the MonkeyJupiter of the Monkey48 H
Pin 104Long Live the RockHip SnakeCosmic Corner DougenzakaTin Pin Another Day (Udagawa Back Streets)
Pin 105Long Live the IceHip SnakeCosmic Corner DougenzakaW2D1
Pin 106Long Live the FloeHip Snake105
Pin 107Eyes Full of HopeHip Snake29 N
Pin 108Eyes Full of LightHip Snake31 N107
Pin 109Hot GazeHip SnakeCosmic Corner DougenzakaW3D1
Pin 110Sizzling GazeHip Snake109
Pin 111Cold StareHip SnakeCosmic Corner Dougenzaka106
Pin 112Icy StareHip SnakeAnother Day Pig (Pork City 2F)111
Pin 113Wassup Thunder!Hip SnakeCosmic Corner Dougenzaka
Pin 114Wassup Lightning!Hip Snake113
Pin 115Wassup Voltage!Hip Snake114
Pin 116Indestructo ManHip SnakeW3D3 Pig (104)
Pin 117Hip SnakeHip Snake94 EN
95 E
Pin 118Octo SqueezeSheep Heavenly104 (Edoga)
Pin 119Snail SqueezeSheep Heavenly118
Pin 120Vacu SqueezeSheep Heavenly118
Pin 121Gimme Dat SheepSheep Heavenly63 N119
Pin 122Gimme Dat ElephantSheep Heavenly121
Pin 123Gimme Dat HippoSheep Heavenly121
Pin 124Crackle Pop BarrierSheep Heavenly57 NW2D3
Pin 125Splish Splash BarrierSheep Heavenly55 E124
Pin 126Creepy Weepy BarrierSheep Heavenly93 EN
Pin 127Whirlygig JuggleSheep Heavenly44 H
Pin 128Healing BunnySheep Heavenly104 (Edoga)
Pin 129Healing FlamingoSheep Heavenly23 N
Pin 130Healing WhaleSheep Heavenly128
Pin 131Croc LeisureSheep Heavenly104 (Edoga)
Pin 132Monkey LeisureSheep HeavenlyW3D2, Pig131
Pin 133Bear LeisureSheep Heavenly104 (Edoga)
Pin 134Squirrel LeisureSheep Heavenly133
Pin 135Sparkle ChargeSheep HeavenlyW2D6, Pig (Center St. Entrance)
Tin Pin Another Day (Shibukyu Main Store)
Pin 136Handsfree HealingSheep HeavenlyW2D2 Pig (Spain Hill)
Pin 137Sheep HeavenlySheep Heavenly71 All
Pin 138DistortionTigre PunksCosmic Corner DougenzakaTin Pin Another Day (Shibu-Q Heads)
Pin 139Velocity AttackTigre PunksMolco
Cosmic Corner
Pin 140Velocity TackleTigre Punks139
Pin 141Demon's HatredTigre Punks74 All
Pin 142Go 2 HellTigre Punks13 E
85 N
92 N
Pin 143Go 2 HeavenTigre Punks142
Pin 144Lightning AngerTigre PunksMolco
Pin 145Lightning RageTigre Punks144
Pin 146LIVE!Tigre PunksMolco
Cosmic Corner
W2D6 - Help the Reaper at AMX
Pin 147Peace FullTigre Punks40 ETin Pin Another Day (104)
Pin 148ThanxTigre Punks147
Pin 149D.I.Y.Tigre PunksW3D6 Pig (Station Underpass)
Pin 150Tigre PunksTigre PunksMolco
Pin 151One Stone, Many BirdsDragon CoutureShibukyu Main Store
Pin 152One Stroke, Vast WealthDragon Couture35 NTin Pin Another Day (Central St. Entrance)151
Pin 153One Grain, Infinite PromiseDragon Couture151
Pin 154Self Found, Others LostDragon CoutureShibukyu Main StoreW3D2
Pin 155Fiery Spirit, Spirited FireDragon Couture13 NU
Pin 156Flames Afar, Foes AflameDragon Couture45 E
46 E
Pin 157Final Pyre, All ExpiredDragon Couture14 N155
Pin 158Blue Blood Burns BlueDragon Couture156
Pin 159Live Slow, Die FastDragon Couture54 NHW2D4
Pin 160Local Fire, Distant SeaDragon Couture60 E159
Pin 161June Hearth, January FanDragon Couture159
Pin 162Swift Storm, Swift EndDragon CoutureShibukyu Main Store
Pin 163Black Sky, White BoltDragon Couture32 E162
Pin 164Follow Suit, Fall in TurnDragon Couture163
Pin 165Dragon CoutureDragon Couture45 HAnother Day Pig (Pork City 8F)
Pin 166Lolita BatLapin Angelique14 EW3D2, Pig (Dogenzaka)
Pin 167Skull RabbitLapin Angelique166
Pin 168KaleidoscopeLapin AngeliqueLapin Angelique - A-East - 5x Tektite, 1x Orichalcum, 3x Shadow Matter
Pin 169Lolita EmblemLapin Angelique25 NW3D6, Pig (Udagawa)
Pin 170Lolita ChopperLapin Angelique169
Pin 171Link SpiderLapin AngeliqueA-East
Pin 172Web SpiderLapin Angelique171
Pin 173Network SpiderLapin Angelique172
Pin 174Lolita MicLapin AngeliqueW3D5 Pig (West Exit Bus Terminal)
Pin 175Spider's SilkLapin Angelique66 HU
73 All
Pin 176LeopardLapin Angelique21 N
Pin 177Lolita SkullLapin AngeliqueTin Pin Another Day (Statue of Hachiko)176
Pin 178Black RoseLapin Angelique50 U
Pin 179Lapin AngeliqueLapin Angelique82 H
84 H
Pin 180Thunder PawnPegaso42 N
Pin 181Lightning PawnPegaso9 EN09180
Pin 182Aqua PawnPegaso06 N
Pin 183Swing BishopPegasoShibu Dept. Store
Pin 184Pegaso BishopPegaso183
Pin 185King ArthurPegaso96 EN
Pin 186ExcaliburPegaso185
Pin 187Thunder RookPegaso48 E
Pin 188Lightning RookPegasoW3D7187
Pin 189Jack's KnightPegasoShibu Dept. Store
Pin 190King's KnightPegaso189
Pin 191Queen's KnightPegaso189
Pin 192Her Royal HighnessPegaso47 N
Pin 193PegasoPegaso47 H
Pin 194Lazy BomberWild BoarWild Boar 104
Pin 195Flower of FlameWild Boar25 EW3D5
Pin 196Flower of FireWild Boar195
Pin 197Kewl LineWild Boar104W3D2
Pin 198Dope LineWild Boar197
Pin 199Wild LineWild Boar50 N
52 E
Pin 200Fly LineWild Boar40 N
Pin 201Fresh LineWild Boar200
Pin 202Microcosmic PullWild Boar104W3D2
Pin 203Cosmic PullWild Boar64 H
66 N
Pin 204Macrocosmic PullWild Boar203
Pin 205DissWild BoarW3D3, Pig in 104
Pin 206Wild BoarWild Boar80 E
52 N
Pin 207Big BangGatitoRamen Don Dogenzaka (File specific)81 U
Pin 208Big CrunchGatitoRamen Don Dougenzaka (File specific)83 U
Pin 209Swift as the WindGatitoTowa Records (File Specific)93 U
Pin 210Hushed as the WoodGatitoTowa Records (File Specific)94 U
Pin 211Fierce as the FlameGatitoTowa Records (File Specific)92 U
Pin 212Stalwart as the MountGatitoTowa Records (File Specific)91 U
Pin 213Black MarsGatitoWild Kat (File Specific)47 U
Pin 214Black JupiterGatitoWild Kat (File Specific)96 U
Pin 215Black UranusGatitoWildKat (File Specific)87 U
Pin 216Black VenusGatitoWild Kat (File Specific)95 U
Pin 217Black SaturnGatitoWild Kat (File Specific)86 U
Pin 218Black MercuryGatitoWild Kat (File Specific)07 U
Pin 219Righty CatGatitoHerbal remedies - Shibu Dept. Store (File Specific)89 U
Pin 220Brainy CatGatitoHerbal remedies - Shibu Dept. Store (File Specific)90 U
Pin 221Lefty CatGatitoHerbal remedies - Shibu Dept. Store (File Specific)82 U
84 U
Pin 222One Jump from EdenGatitoWild Kat226
Pin 223One Skip from EdenGatito222
Pin 224One Hop from EdenGatito223
Pin 225One Step from EdenGatito224
Pin 226Eden's DoorGatito225
Pin 227Visionary BlendGatitoWild Kat at Cat Street for 99x 1 Yen; 99x 5 Yen; 99x 10 Yen
Pin 228Red SkullGatitoShadow Ramen DogenzakaW1D6
Pin 229GatitoGatito75 All
Pin 230Tin Pin FireUnbrandedW2D2
Pin 231Tin Pin CustomUnbrandedW2D2 - Molco (Repeatable)
Stride on W2D3
Pin 232Tin Pin WindUnbrandedCyco Records UdagawaW2D6 (Stride)
Pin 233Tin Pin BladeUnbrandedCyco Records UdagawaTin Pin Another Day (Central St. Entrance)
Pin 234Tin Pin WheelUnbrandedW2D4 Stride
Pin 235Tin Pin DashUnbrandedTin Pin Another Day (Dead God's Pad)
Pin 236Tin Pin ThriftUnbrandedW2D5 - Miyashita Park Underpass
Pin 237Tin Pin HellfireUnbrandedW2D5 Stride
Pin 238Tin Pin SunscorchUnbrandedW2D6 (Stride)
Pin 239Tin Pin RockerUnbrandedTin Pin Another Day (Miyashita Park)
Pin 240Tin Pin ArtistUnbrandedW3D3 (Stride)
Pin 241Tin Pin DevilUnbrandedTin Pin Another Day (Miyashita Park)
Pin 242Tin Pin IfritUnbrandedTin Pin Another Day (Shooter at Molco)
Pin 243Tin Pin ShivaUnbrandedTin Pin Another Day (Concert Stage)
Pin 244Tin Pin GolemUnbrandedW2D4
Tin Pin Another Day (Miyashita Park)
Pin 245Tin Pin BahamutUnbrandedAnother Day - Beat Wizard of Slam at Tin Pin at Molco
Pin 2461 YenUnbrandedSunshine Shibukyu Stationside10 E252
Pin 2475 YenUnbrandedMus Rattus Cadoi City11 ETin Pin Another Day (Miyashita Park)246
Pin 24810 YenUnbrandedMus Rattus 10410 N246
Pin 24950 YenUnbrandedKuraKura Shibukyu Stationside10 H
11 H
Pin 250100 YenUnbranded01 EN
10 U
11 H
12 E
15 E
18 EN
39 E
Pin 251500 YenUnbranded01 H
03 E
12 N
15 N
18 HU
29 E
37 EN
49 E
53 E
56 E
58 E
Pin 2521,000 YenUnbrandedVarious250
Pin 2535,000 YenUnbrandedTowa Records
Pin 25410,000 YenUnbrandedShadow Ramen Dougenzaka
Shibu-Q Heads 1F
06 E
07 E
08 E
36 H
42 H
48 N
50 H
62 H
63 H
37 U
Tin Pin Another Day (Miyashita Park)253
Pin 255ScarletiteUnbrandedShibu-Q Heads 1F - 5x Tektite, 2x Orichalcum, 1x Dark Matter
Pin 256Rare MetalUnbranded13 H
20 H
29 H
36 E
58 N
59 N
60 N
Pin 257TektiteUnbrandedShibu-Q Heads/2F (W2D4/5/6: FSG Lv.4 {¥7000/15000/25000}33 H (W2D3: West Exit Bus Terminal, W2D5: 104 Building)
58/59 H (W2D3/4/5: West Exit Bus Terminal)
21 H (W3D3: Various), 4 N (AD: Various)
W3D1: pig @West Exit Bus Terminal
W3D1: pig @Station Underpass
Pin 258AdamantiteUnbranded03 U
09 H
24 H
25 U
28 U
30 U
31 U
32 H
33 U
35 U
49 U
54 U
59 U
65 N
Pin 259OrichalcumUnbrandedShibu-Q Heads 3F for Adamantite x304 HU
08 U
32 U
40 U
46 H
60 U
67 All
79 U
(To be confirmed) W1D6 (got one when answering the Reaper Quiz, was on easy, no mistakes made.)
Pin 260Shadow MatterUnbranded09 U
14 U
17 U
38 U
41 U
48 U
52 U
57 U
Pin 261Dark MatterUnbrandedShibu-Q Heads 1F for Shadow Matter x 1080 U
86 H
95 H
96 H
Pin 262RhymeUnbrandedShadow Ramen Dogenzaka (Another Day)W3D7, after N93
Pin 263Lucky StarUnbrandedShadow Ramen Do genzakaW1D3 Cough Drops Sidequest
Tin Pin Another Day (Towa Records with Rhyme in the group)
Pin 264Lady LuckUnbrandedShadow Ramen DogenzakaAnother Day - Beat Prince at Tin Pin in A-East.
Pin 265Lucky PandaUnbrandedShadow Ramen DougenzakaAnother Day - Beat Futoshi at Tin Pin at West Exit Bus Terminal
Pin 266PyrokinesisUnbrandedW1D1
Another Day Final Time Attack
Pin 267ShockwaveUnbrandedW1D2
Another Day Final Time Attack
Pin 268Cure DrinkUnbrandedW1D2
Another Day Final Time Attack
Pin 269Force RoundsUnbrandedW1D2
Another Day Final Time Attack
Pin 270PsychokinesisUnbrandedW1D2
Another Day Final Time Attack
Pin 271ThunderboltUnbrandedW1D2
Another Day Final Time Attack
Pin 272The Eyes Have ItUnbranded81 H
Pin 273I Live for FoodUnbranded80 NHW2D3, Imprint "Yellow" on Ken Doi
Pin 274Walk on, Walk offUnbranded83 H
Pin 275Me Time is Free TimeUnbranded87 H
Pin 276Fuji YamaUnbrandedEdoga the Shop in 104
Pin 277DarumaUnbrandedAMX
Pin 278SushiUnbrandedTowa Records
Pin 279ShinobiUnbrandedWild Boar 104
Pin 280TigrisUnbranded93 H
Pin 281CorehogUnbranded36 U
Pin 282JellyUnbranded30 H
Pin 283SharkUnbranded63 U
Pin 284LeoUnbranded92 H
Pin 285OvisUnbranded91 H
Pin 286CornixUnbranded90 H
Pin 287PopguinUnbranded28 N
Pin 288PteropusUnbranded88 H
89 H
Pin 289MinkUnbranded21 U
22 H
Pin 290BoomerUnbranded40 H
Pin 291SprogUnbranded06 H
11 U
Pin 292FoxUnbranded43 H
42 U
Pin 293BatUnbranded19 H
Pin 294RhinoUnbranded52 H
Pin 295ShrewUnbranded25 H
Pin 296WoollyUnbranded64 U
65 HU
Pin 297RavenUnbranded60 H
Pin 298DrakeUnbranded46 U
Pin 299AnguisUnbranded94 H
95 N
Pin 300PigUnbranded76 All
Pin 301CarcinUnbranded55 H
Pin 302GrizzlyUnbranded16 HU
17 H
Pin 303WolfUnbranded14 H
Pin 304FrogUnbranded06 U
08 H
Pin 901100,000 YenUnbrandedCoco's Secret Reaper Shop