This is the Pin Acquisition list, which shows which pins can be obtained from where. Alternate pin lists can be found at Pin List (Disambiguation).

All pins that can't be evolved can be grouped together by sorting the Evolved from column.

 IdId (FR)NameBrandSold byDropped byEvent rewardEvolved from
Ice Blow001001Ice BlowD+B104
Ice Risers002002Ice RisersD+BIce Blow
Frozen Cool003003Frozen CoolD+B104
W2D7 - Concert Stage at A-East
Blizzard Cool004004Blizzard CoolD+BFrozen Cool
Sexy D006006Sexy DD+BW1D5
Sexy +007007Sexy +D+BEasterravenW2D2 Pig (Tipsy Tose Hall)
Sexy B008008Sexy BD+BSexy +
Blown Kiss010010Blown KissD+BAmbiefox
D+B (Pin)011011D+BD+B104 (x2 Orichalcum, x3 Shadow Matter, x1 Dark Matter)
D+B Molco
Happy Beam012012Happy BeamNatural PuppyCadoi City
Shibukyu Stationside
Natural Magnum013013Natural MagnumNatural PuppyThrash MinkHappy Beam
Wonder Magnum014014Wonder MagnumNatural PuppyWall of GrizzlyNatural Magnum
Beauty Launcher015015Beauty LauncherNatural PuppyHappy Beam
One Love Magnum016016One Love MagnumNatural PuppyCadoi City
Hounder Magnum017017Hounder MagnumNatural PuppyTenor ReaperNatural Magnum
One Love Magnum
Bear Hug Magnum018018Bear Hug MagnumNatural PuppyBaritone ReaperHounder Magnum
Sparkle Beam019019Sparkle BeamNatural PuppyOne Love Magnum
Lil' Terror Bazooka020020Lil' Terror BazookaNatural PuppyTenor ReaperHounder Magnum
Angel Magnum021021Angel MagnumNatural PuppyBaritone ReaperBear Hug Magnum
Cutie Beam022022Cutie BeamNatural PuppyCadoi City
Lovely Beam023023Lovely BeamNatural PuppyJ PopguinCutie Beam
Sexy Beam024024Sexy BeamNatural PuppyEurobeat BoomerLovely Beam
Superfine Beam025025Superfine BeamNatural PuppyElectro PopguinLovely Beam
Playmate Beam026026Playmate BeamNatural PuppyW3D4
Purity Launcher027027Purity LauncherNatural PuppySexy Beam
Innocence Beam028028Innocence BeamNatural PuppySuperfine Beam
Pop Pendulum029029Pop PendulumNatural PuppyCarcinosamps
Casual Pendulum030030Casual PendulumNatural PuppyDefeat Uzuki Yashiro W3D3
Love Me Tether031031Love Me TetherNatural PuppyEmo CorehogW1D6, Pig (Cadoi City)
Pamper Me Tether032032Pamper Me TetherNatural PuppyChaoti CorehogLove Me Tether
Sweet Talk Tether033033Sweet Talk TetherNatural PuppyMelodi CorehogLove Me Tether
Natural Puppy (Pin)034034Natural PuppyNatural PuppyBass Reaper
Frantic035035FranticPavo RealGrindcore Minks
Blink Step036036Blink StepPavo RealShibukyu Stationside
First Gear037037First GearPavo RealPsychedelifoxW2D4, Pig (Molco)Blink Step
Top Gear038038Top GearPavo RealHappycore BatBlink Step
Egg Bomb039039Egg BombPavo RealShrew Wave
Meteor Magnet040040Meteor MagnetPavo RealEmo CorehogW1D7 after N90
Meteor Hook041041Meteor HookPavo RealMeteor Magnet
Meteor Spike042042Meteor SpikePavo RealMeteor Hook
Strong Heart043043Strong HeartPavo Realle Grand in Cadoi City
Strong Spirit044044Strong SpiritPavo RealBebop Shark
Strong Body045045Strong BodyPavo RealW2D5
Strong 'n Proud046046Strong 'n ProudPavo RealCarcinopunkW2D6
Poison Scorpion047047Poison ScorpionPavo RealShibukyu Stationside
Poison Skull048048Poison SkullPavo RealShibukyu Stationside
Poison Bones049049Poison BonesPavo RealW1D3
Poison Chains050050Poison ChainsPavo RealShibukyu Stationside
Rapier Glance051051Rapier GlancePavo RealPoison Skull
Love Charge052052Love ChargePavo RealW1D4, Pig (Scramble Crossing)
Guardian Angel053053Guardian AngelPavo RealCarcinoska
Archangel054054ArchangelPavo RealW2D7, Pig (Shibukyu Main Store)Guardian Angel
Energy Factor055055Energy FactorPavo RealJelly Germanic
Speed Factor056056Speed FactorPavo RealW3D5 Pig (Towa Records)
Supply Factor057057Supply FactorPavo RealJelly Swechno
Chaos058058ChaosPavo RealPoison Scorpion
Pavo Real (Pin)059059Pavo RealPavo RealDeath Metal Mink
Lightning Moon060060Lightning MoonMus RattusW1D4
Lightning Storm061061Lightning StormMus RattusFunkfrog
Burning Cherry062062Burning CherryMus RattusAll MR stores
Burning Melon063063Burning MelonMus RattusW2D5, Pig (Cat Street)Burning Cherry
Burning Berry064064Burning BerryMus RattusW2D6, Pig (Shibu-Q Heads)Burning Cherry
Aqua Monster065065Aqua MonsterMus RattusOrchefrog
Aqua Ghost066066Aqua GhostMus RattusChoirfrog
Aqua Demon067067Aqua DemonMus RattusAqua Ghost
Cornered Rat068068Cornered RatMus RattusAll MR stores
Blast Warning069069Blast WarningMus RattusAll MR stores
Candle Service070070Candle ServiceMus RattusAll MR stores
Shibu-Q Heads
Shock Warning071071Shock WarningMus RattusAll MR stores
Shibu-Q Heads
Kinetic Warning072072Kinetic WarningMus RattusAll MR stores
Shibu-Q Heads
Impact Warning073073Impact WarningMus Rattus104
Cadoi City
Storm Warning074074Storm WarningMus RattusAll MR stores
Electric Warning075075Electric WarningMus RattusAnother Day Pig
Teleport Warning076076Teleport WarningMus RattusProgfox
Shout077077ShoutMus RattusCadoi City
Psych Support078078Psych SupportMus RattusW2D5
Stopper Spark079079Stopper SparkMus RattusW3D5 Pig (AMX)
Mus Rattus (Pin)080080Mus RattusMus RattusAll MR stores
Masamune081081MasamuneJupiter of the Monkey104 (Edoga)
W1D4, after boss
Onikiri082082OnikiriJupiter of the MonkeyJ of the M Cat StreetMasamune
Nenekiri083083NenekiriJupiter of the MonkeyElectro PopguinMasamune
Kanesada084084KanesadaJupiter of the MonkeyJ of the M Cat StreetOnikiri
Enju085085EnjuJupiter of the MonkeyBebop SharkNenekiri
Yoshimitsu086086YoshimitsuJupiter of the MonkeyBebop SharkEnju
Ichimonji087087IchimonjiJupiter of the MonkeyJungle BoomerW2D2
Nikkari088088NikkariJupiter of the MonkeyW2D5, Pig (West Exit Bus Terminal)Ichimonji
Mikazuki089089MikazukiJupiter of the MonkeyIchimonji
Shiro090090ShiroJupiter of the MonkeySho Minamimoto (Taboo)
Unjo091091UnjoJupiter of the Monkey104 (Edoga)
J of the M Cat Street
Izanagi092092IzanagiJupiter of the MonkeyUnjo
Murasame093093MurasameJupiter of the MonkeyHard CorehogW1D5
Rakuyo094094RakuyoJupiter of the MonkeyHouse RhinoMurasame
Kusanagi095095KusanagiJupiter of the MonkeyDub RhinoRakuyo
Ohabari096096OhabariJupiter of the MonkeyJ of the M Cat Street for 3x Murasame; 3x Tektite; 1x Shadow Matter
Zantetsu097097ZantetsuJupiter of the MonkeyShiro
Mitama098098MitamaJupiter of the MonkeyDoom Metal DrakeN87
Izanami099099IzanamiJupiter of the MonkeyW2D2 Pig (Molco)
Onmyo100100OnmyoJupiter of the MonkeyWall of Grizzly
Konohana101101KonohanaJupiter of the MonkeyAmbiefox
Konohana Sakuya102102Konohana SakuyaJupiter of the MonkeyW2D3
Jupiter of the Monkey (Pin)103103Jupiter of the MonkeyJupiter of the MonkeyNeoclassical Drake
Long Live the Rock104104Long Live the RockHip SnakeCosmic Corner DougenzakaTin Pin Another Day (Udagawa Back Streets)
Long Live the Ice105105Long Live the IceHip SnakeCosmic Corner DogenzakaW2D1
Long Live the Floe106106Long Live the FloeHip SnakeLong Live the Ice
Eyes Full of Hope107107Eyes Full of HopeHip SnakeJelly Madchester
Eyes Full of Light108108Eyes Full of LightHip SnakeJelly NeocousticEyes Full of Hope
Hot Gaze109109Hot GazeHip SnakeCosmic Corner DogenzakaW3D1
Sizzling Gaze110110Sizzling GazeHip SnakeHot Gaze
Cold Stare111111Cold StareHip SnakeCosmic Corner DougenzakaLong Live the Floe
Icy Stare112112Icy StareHip SnakeAnother Day Pig (Pork City 2F)Cold Stare
Wassup Thunder!113113Wassup Thunder!Hip SnakeCosmic Corner Dogenzaka
Wassup Lightning!114114Wassup Lightning!Hip SnakeWassup Thunder!
Wassup Voltage!115115Wassup Voltage!Hip SnakeWassup Lightning!
Indestructo Man116116Indestructo ManHip SnakeW3D3 Pig (104)
Hip Snake (Pin)117117Hip SnakeHip SnakeDraco Cantus
Anguis Cantus
Octo Squeeze118118Octo SqueezeSheep Heavenly104 (Edoga)
Snail Squeeze119119Snail SqueezeSheep HeavenlyOcto Squeeze
Vacu Squeeze120120Vacu SqueezeSheep HeavenlyOcto Squeeze
Gimme Dat Sheep121121Gimme Dat SheepSheep HeavenlyFusion SharkSnail Squeeze
Vacu Squeeze
Gimme Dat Elephant122122Gimme Dat ElephantSheep HeavenlyGimme Dat Sheep
Gimme Dat Hippo123123Gimme Dat HippoSheep HeavenlyGimme Dat Sheep
Crackle Pop Barrier124124Crackle Pop BarrierSheep HeavenlyCarcinopunkW2D3
Splish Splash Barrier125125Splish Splash BarrierSheep HeavenlyCarcinometalCrackle Pop Barrier
Creepy Weepy Barrier126126Creepy Weepy BarrierSheep HeavenlyTigris Cantus
Whirlygig Juggle127127Whirlygig JuggleSheep HeavenlyProgfox
Healing Bunny128128Healing BunnySheep Heavenly104 (Edoga)
Healing Flamingo129129Healing FlamingoSheep HeavenlyDeath Metal Mink
Healing Whale130130Healing WhaleSheep HeavenlyHealing Bunny
Croc Leisure131131Croc LeisureSheep Heavenly104 (Edoga)
Monkey Leisure132132Monkey LeisureSheep HeavenlyW3D2, PigCroc Leisure
Bear Leisure133133Bear LeisureSheep Heavenly104 (Edoga)
Croc Leisure
Squirrel Leisure134134Squirrel LeisureSheep HeavenlyBear Leisure
Sparkle Charge135135Sparkle ChargeSheep HeavenlyTin Pin Another Day (Shibukyu Main Store)
W2D6, Pig (Center St. Entrance)
Handsfree Healing136136Handsfree HealingSheep HeavenlyW2D2 Pig (Spain Hill)
Sheep Heavenly (Pin)137137Sheep HeavenlySheep HeavenlyPig Jig
Distortion138138DistortionTigre PunksCosmic Corner DougenzakaTin Pin Another Day (Shibu-Q Heads)
Velocity Attack (Pin)139139Velocity AttackTigre PunksCosmic Corner
Velocity Tackle140140Velocity TackleTigre PunksVelocity Attack (Pin)
Demon's Hatred141141Demon's HatredTigre PunksPig Polka
Go 2 Hell142142Go 2 HellTigre PunksLeo Cantus
Alterna Wolf
Sho Minamimoto (Enemy)
Go 2 Heaven143143Go 2 HeavenTigre PunksGo 2 Hell
Lightning Anger144144Lightning AngerTigre PunksMolco
Lightning Rage145145Lightning RageTigre PunksLightning Anger
LIVE!146146LIVE!Tigre PunksCosmic Corner
W2D6 - Help the Reaper at AMX
Peace Full147147Peace FullTigre Punks2-step BoomerTin Pin Another Day (104)
Thanx148148ThanxTigre PunksPeace Full
D.I.Y.149149D.I.Y.Tigre PunksW3D6 Pig (Station Underpass)
Tigre Punks (Pin)150150Tigre PunksTigre PunksMolco
One Stone, Many Birds151151One Stone, Many BirdsDragon CoutureShibukyu Main Store
One Stroke, Vast Wealth152152One Stroke, Vast WealthDragon CoutureMelodi CorehogTin Pin Another Day (Central St. Entrance)One Stone, Many Birds
One Grain, Infinite Promise153153One Grain, Infinite PromiseDragon CoutureOne Stone, Many Birds
Self Found, Others Lost154154Self Found, Others LostDragon CoutureShibukyu Main StoreW3D2
Fiery Spirit, Spirited Fire155155Fiery Spirit, Spirited FireDragon CoutureAlterna Wolf
Flames Afar, Foes Aflame156156Flames Afar, Foes AflameDragon CoutureDoom Metal Drake
Ragtime Drake
Fiery Spirit, Spirited Fire
Final Pyre, All Expired157157Final Pyre, All ExpiredDragon CoutureGrunge WolfFiery Spirit, Spirited Fire
Blue Blood Burns Blue158158Blue Blood Burns BlueDragon CoutureFlames Afar, Foes Aflame
Live Slow, Die Fast159159Live Slow, Die FastDragon CoutureCarcinoskaW2D4
Local Fire, Distant Sea160160Local Fire, Distant SeaDragon CoutureNefastravenLive Slow, Die Fast
June Hearth, January Fan161161June Hearth, January FanDragon CoutureLive Slow, Die Fast
Swift Storm, Swift End162162Swift Storm, Swift EndDragon CoutureShibukyu Main Store
Black Sky, White Bolt163163Black Sky, White BoltDragon CoutureJelly GermanicSwift Storm, Swift End
Follow Suit, Fall in Turn164164Follow Suit, Fall in TurnDragon CoutureBlack Sky, White Bolt
Dragon Couture (Pin)165165Dragon CoutureDragon CouturePig Rhumba
Doom Metal Drake
Another Day Pig (Pork City 8F)
Lolita Bat166166Lolita BatLapin AngeliqueGrunge WolfW3D2, Pig (Dogenzaka)
Skull Rabbit167167Skull RabbitLapin AngeliqueLolita Bat
Kaleidoscope168168KaleidoscopeLapin AngeliqueLapin Angelique - A-East - 5x Tektite, 1x Orichalcum, 3x Shadow Matter
Lolita Emblem169169Lolita EmblemLapin AngeliqueShrew GazerW3D6, Pig (Udagawa)
Lolita Chopper170170Lolita ChopperLapin AngeliqueLolita Emblem
Link Spider171171Link SpiderLapin AngeliqueA-East
Web Spider172172Web SpiderLapin AngeliqueLink Spider
Network Spider173173Network SpiderLapin AngeliqueWeb Spider
Lolita Mic174174Lolita MicLapin AngeliqueW3D5 Pig (West Exit Bus Terminal)
Spider's Silk175175Spider's SilkLapin AngeliquePig Tango
Woolly AOR
Leopard176176LeopardLapin AngeliqueDeath Thrash Mink
Lolita Skull177177Lolita SkullLapin AngeliqueTin Pin Another Day (Statue of Hachiko)Leopard
Black Rose178178Black RoseLapin AngeliqueMinimal Rhino
Lapin Angelique (Pin)179179Lapin AngeliqueLapin AngeliqueUzuki Yashiro (Berserk)
Koki Kariya (Berserk)
Thunder Pawn180180Thunder PawnPegasoPsychedelifox
Lightning Pawn181181Lightning PawnPegasoChoirfrogN09Thunder Pawn
Aqua Pawn182182Aqua PawnPegasoSoutherfrog
Swing Bishop183183Swing BishopPegasoShibu Dept. Store
Pegaso Bishop184184Pegaso BishopPegasoSwing Bishop
King Arthur185185King ArthurPegasoPanthera Cantus
Excalibur186186ExcaliburPegasoKing Arthur
Thunder Rook187187Thunder RookPegasoNeoclassical Drake
Lightning Rook188188Lightning RookPegasoW3D7Thunder Rook
Jack's Knight189189Jack's KnightPegasoShibu Dept. Store
King's Knight190190King's KnightPegasoJack's Knight
Queen's Knight191191Queen's KnightPegasoJack's Knight
Her Royal Highness192192Her Royal HighnessPegasoGoth Metal Drake
Pegaso (Pin)193193PegasoPegasoGoth Metal Drake
Lazy Bomber194194Lazy BomberWild BoarWild Boar 104
Flower of Flame195195Flower of FlameWild BoarShrew GazerW3D5
Flower of Fire196196Flower of FireWild BoarFlower of Flame
Kewl Line197197Kewl LineWild Boar104W3D2
Dope Line198198Dope LineWild BoarKewl Line
Wild Line199199Wild LineWild BoarTrance Rhino
Minimal Rhino
Kewl Line
Fly Line200200Fly LineWild Boar2-step Boomer
Fresh Line201201Fresh LineWild BoarFly Line
Microcosmic Pull202202Microcosmic PullWild Boar104W3D2
Cosmic Pull203203Cosmic PullWild BoarPachy R & R
Woolly AOR
Microcosmic Pull
Macrocosmic Pull204204Macrocosmic PullWild BoarCosmic Pull
Diss205205DissWild BoarW3D3, Pig in 104
Wild Boar (Pin)206206Wild BoarWild BoarReaper Beat
Trance Rhino
Big Bang207207Big BangGatitoRamen Don Dogenzaka (File specific)Uzuki Yashiro (Enemy)
Big Crunch208208Big CrunchGatitoRamen Don Dougenzaka (File specific)Koki Kariya (Enemy)
Swift as the Wind209209Swift as the WindGatitoTowa Records (File Specific)Tigris Cantus
Hushed as the Wood210210Hushed as the WoodGatitoTowa Records (File Specific)Anguis Cantus
Fierce as the Flame211211Fierce as the FlameGatitoTowa Records (File Specific)Leo Cantus
Stalwart as the Mount212212Stalwart as the MountGatitoTowa Records (File Specific)Ovis Cantus
Black Mars213213Black MarsGatitoWild Kat (File Specific)Goth Metal Drake
Black Jupiter214214Black JupiterGatitoWild Kat (File Specific)Panthera Cantus
Black Uranus215215Black UranusGatitoWildKat (File Specific)Megumi Kitaniji (Enemy)
Black Venus216216Black VenusGatitoWild Kat (File Specific)Draco Cantus
Black Saturn217217Black SaturnGatitoWild Kat (File Specific)Sho Minamimoto (Taboo)
Black Mercury218218Black MercuryGatitoWild Kat (File Specific)Fifenfrog
Righty Cat219219Righty CatGatitoHerbal remedies - Shibu Dept. Store (File Specific)Pteropus Canor
Brainy Cat220220Brainy CatGatitoHerbal remedies - Shibu Dept. Store (File Specific)Cornix Canor
Lefty Cat221221Lefty CatGatitoHerbal remedies - Shibu Dept. Store (File Specific)Uzuki Yashiro (Berserk)
Koki Kariya (Berserk)
One Jump from Eden222222One Jump from EdenGatitoWild KatEden's Door
One Skip from Eden223223One Skip from EdenGatitoOne Jump from Eden
One Hop from Eden224224One Hop from EdenGatitoOne Skip from Eden
One Step from Eden225225One Step from EdenGatitoOne Hop from Eden
Eden's Door226226Eden's DoorGatitoOne Step from Eden
Visionary Blend227227Visionary BlendGatitoWild Kat at Cat Street for 99x 1 Yen; 99x 5 Yen; 99x 10 Yen
Red Skull228228Red SkullGatitoShadow Ramen DogenzakaW1D6
Gatito (Pin)229229GatitoGatitoPig ButohAnother Day, Pig (Pork City, Floor 13)
Tin Pin Fire230230Tin Pin FireUnbrandedW2D2
Tin Pin Custom231231Tin Pin CustomUnbrandedStride on W2D3
W2D2 - Molco (Repeatable)
Tin Pin Wind232232Tin Pin WindUnbrandedCyco Records UdagawaW2D6 (Stride)
Tin Pin Blade233233Tin Pin BladeUnbrandedCyco Records UdagawaTin Pin Another Day (Central St. Entrance)
Tin Pin Wheel234234Tin Pin WheelUnbrandedW2D4 Stride
Tin Pin Dash235235Tin Pin DashUnbrandedTin Pin Another Day (Dead God's Pad)
Tin Pin Thrift236236Tin Pin ThriftUnbrandedW2D5 - Miyashita Park Underpass
Tin Pin Hellfire237237Tin Pin HellfireUnbrandedW2D5 Stride
Tin Pin Sunscorch238238Tin Pin SunscorchUnbrandedW2D6 (Stride)
Tin Pin Rocker239239Tin Pin RockerUnbrandedTin Pin Another Day (Miyashita Park)
Tin Pin Artist240240Tin Pin ArtistUnbrandedW3D3 (Stride)
Tin Pin Devil241241Tin Pin DevilUnbrandedTin Pin Another Day (Miyashita Park)
Tin Pin Ifrit242242Tin Pin IfritUnbrandedTin Pin Another Day (Shooter at Molco)
Tin Pin Shiva243243Tin Pin ShivaUnbrandedTin Pin Another Day (Concert Stage)
Tin Pin Golem244244Tin Pin GolemUnbrandedTin Pin Another Day (Miyashita Park)
Tin Pin Bahamut245245Tin Pin BahamutUnbrandedAnother Day - Beat Wizard of Slam at Tin Pin at Molco
1 Yen2462461 YenUnbrandedSunshine Shibukyu StationsideBigbansprog1,000 Yen
5 Yen2472475 YenUnbrandedMus Rattus Cadoi CityOrchesprogTin Pin Another Day (Miyashita Park)1 Yen
10 Yen24824810 YenUnbrandedMus Rattus 104Bigbansprog1 Yen
50 Yen24924950 YenUnbrandedKuraKura Shibukyu StationsideBigbansprog
5 Yen
100 Yen250250100 YenUnbrandedMosh Grizzly
Garage Wolf
Gabba Bat
Jungle Boomer
Dissonance Bat
10 Yen
500 Yen251251500 YenUnbrandedMosh Grizzly
Metal Corehog
Garage Wolf
Gabba Bat
Jelly Madchester
House Rhino
50 Yen
1,000 Yen2522521,000 YenUnbrandedMosh Grizzly
Swing Shark
Circle Pit Grizzly
Garage Wolf
Happycore Bat
Death Thrash Mink
J Popguin
Shrew Wave
Jelly Swechno
Jelly Neocoustic
Tenor Reaper
Minimal Rhino
Dissonance Grizzly
100 Yen
5,000 Yen2532535,000 YenUnbrandedAMX
Towa Records
Koki Kariya (Enemy)
Ovis Cantus
Mosh Grizzly
Metal Corehog
Grindcore Minks
Vespertilio Canor
Swing Shark
Circle Pit Grizzly
Garage Wolf
Happycore Bat
Jelly Neocoustic
Classi Corehog
Pachy R & R
Baritone Reaper
Bass Reaper
Jungle Boomer
Uzuki Yashiro (Enemy)
Dissonance Rhino
500 Yen
10,000 Yen25425410,000 YenUnbrandedShadow Ramen Dougenzaka
Shibu-Q Heads 1F
Metal Corehog
Bebop Shark
Classi Corehog
Fusion Shark
Neoclassical Drake
Minimal Rhino
Dissonance Mink
Expert Reaper
Tin Pin Another Day (Miyashita Park)5,000 Yen
100,000 Yen901255100,000 YenUnbrandedCoco's Secret Reaper ShopRoom of Reckoning Final Remix
Scarletite255256ScarletiteUnbrandedShibu-Q Heads 1F - 5x Tektite, 2x Orichalcum, 1x Dark Matter
Rare Metal256257Rare MetalUnbrandedBigbanfrog
Alterna Wolf
Thrash Mink
Jelly Madchester
Classi Corehog
Jungle Boomer
Dissonance Bat
Tektite257258TektiteUnbrandedShibu-Q Heads/2F (W2D4/5/6: FSG Lv.4 {¥7000/15000/25000}Grindcore Minks
Death Thrash Mink
Hard Corehog
J Popguin
Emo Corehog
Melodi Corehog
Pachy R & R
Eurobeat Boomer
Dissonance Bat
W3D1: pig @Station Underpass
W3D1: pig @West Exit Bus Terminal
Hard Corehog
Shrew Wave
Shrew Gazer
Brit Popguin
Jelly Swechno
Jelly Neocoustic
Jelly Germanic
Melodi Corehog
Mammoth R & B
House Rhino
Orichalcum259260OrichalcumUnbrandedShibu-Q Heads 3F for Adamantite x3Pig Samba
Jelly Germanic
Bass Reaper
2-step Boomer
Ragtime Drake
Uzuki Yashiro (Expert Mode)
Koki Kariya (Expert Mode)
(To be confirmed) W1D6 (got one when answering the Reaper Quiz, was on easy, no mistakes made.)
Shadow Matter260261Shadow MatterUnbrandedChoirfrog
Grunge Wolf
Wall of Grizzly
Death Metal Mink
Chaoti Corehog
Eurobeat Boomer
Neoclassical Drake
Trance Rhino
Dissonance Shark
Dark Matter261262Dark MatterUnbrandedShibu-Q Heads 1F for Shadow Matter x 10Panthera Cantus
Draco Cantus
Sho Minamimoto (Taboo)
Reaper Beat
Dissonance Tapir
Rhyme (Pin)262263RhymeUnbrandedShadow Ramen Dogenzaka (Another Day)W3D7, after N93
Lucky Star263264Lucky StarUnbrandedShadow Ramen DogenzakaTin Pin Another Day (Towa Records with Rhyme in the group)
W1D3 Cough Drops Sidequest
Lady Luck264265Lady LuckUnbrandedShadow Ramen DogenzakaAnother Day - Beat Prince at Tin Pin in A-East.
Lucky Panda265266Lucky PandaUnbrandedShadow Ramen DogenzakaAnother Day - Beat Futoshi at Tin Pin at West Exit Bus Terminal
Pyrokinesis (Pin)266267PyrokinesisUnbrandedAnother Day Final Time Attack
Shockwave (Pin)267268ShockwaveUnbrandedAnother Day Final Time Attack
Cure Drink (Pin)268269Cure DrinkUnbrandedAnother Day Final Time Attack
Force Rounds (Pin)269270Force RoundsUnbrandedAnother Day Final Time Attack
Psychokinesis (Pin)270271PsychokinesisUnbrandedAnother Day Final Time Attack
Thunderbolt (Pin)271272ThunderboltUnbrandedAnother Day Final Time Attack
The Eyes Have It272273The Eyes Have ItUnbrandedUzuki Yashiro (Enemy)
I Live for Food273274I Live for FoodUnbrandedReaper BeatW2D3, Imprint "Yellow" on Ken Doi
Walk on, Walk off274275Walk on, Walk offUnbrandedKoki Kariya (Enemy)
Me Time is Free Time275276Me Time is Free TimeUnbrandedMegumi Kitaniji (Enemy)
Fuji Yama276277Fuji YamaUnbrandedEdoga the Shop in 104
Sushi278279SushiUnbrandedTowa Records
Shinobi279280ShinobiUnbrandedWild Boar 104
Tigris (Pin)280281TigrisUnbrandedTigris Cantus
Corehog (Pin)281282CorehogUnbrandedClassi Corehog
Jelly (Pin)282283JellyUnbrandedJelly Madchester
Jelly Swechno
Shark (Pin)283284SharkUnbrandedFusion Shark
Leo (Pin)284285LeoUnbrandedLeo Cantus
Ovis (Pin)285286OvisUnbrandedOvis Cantus
Cornix (Pin)286287CornixUnbrandedCornix Canor
Popguin (Pin)287288PopguinUnbrandedBrit Popguin
Pteropus (Pin)288289PteropusUnbrandedVespertilio Canor
Pteropus Canor
Mink (Pin)289290MinkUnbrandedGrindcore Minks
Death Thrash Mink
Boomer (Pin)290291BoomerUnbranded2-step Boomer
Sprog (Pin)291292SprogUnbrandedOrchesprog
Fox (Pin)292293FoxUnbrandedPsychedelifox
Bat (Pin)293294BatUnbrandedHappycore Bat
Rhino (Pin)294295RhinoUnbrandedTrance Rhino
Shrew (Pin)295296ShrewUnbrandedShrew Gazer
Woolly (Pin)296297WoollyUnbrandedMammoth R & B
Pachy R & R
Raven (Pin)297298RavenUnbrandedNefastraven
Drake (Pin)298299DrakeUnbrandedRagtime Drake
Anguis (Pin)299300AnguisUnbrandedDraco Cantus
Anguis Cantus
Pig (Pin)300301PigUnbrandedWildKatPig MazurkaAnother Day, Pig (Pork City, Floor 13)
Carcin (Pin)301302CarcinUnbrandedCarcinometal
Grizzly (Pin)302303GrizzlyUnbrandedCircle Pit Grizzly
Wall of Grizzly
Wolf (Pin)303304WolfUnbrandedGrunge Wolf
Frog (Pin)304305FrogUnbrandedSoutherfrog
Green Dragon306Green DragonUnbrandedA New Day
Vinyl Record307Vinyl RecordUnbrandedTowa Records
Downhill Buffalo308Downhill BuffaloUnbrandedMolcoA New Day
Hermit Crab Feather309Hermit Crab FeatherUnbrandedShibukyu Main Store
Great Physical Power310Great Physical PowerUnbranded104
Dove Actually311Dove ActuallyUnbrandedTowa Records
Zipzap Zipper312Zipzap ZipperUnbrandedShibu Dept. Store
Unfortune Teller313Unfortune TellerUnbrandedCadoi City
Brain Beam314Brain BeamUnbrandedShibukyu Main Store
WITCHCRAFT315WITCHCRAFTUnbrandedUzuki Yashiro (Expert Mode)
Koki Kariya (Expert Mode)
METTAZASHI316METTAZASHIUnbrandedDissonance Shark
KATON NO JUTSU317KATON NO JUTSUUnbrandedDissonance Tapir
Rakshasa the Tyrant318Rakshasa the TyrantUnbrandedWild Boar Udagawa Back Streets
Papillon Rouge320Papillon RougeUnbrandedShibukyu Stationside
Rubellite321RubelliteUnbrandedDissonance Grizzly
Dissonance Bat
Morganite322MorganiteUnbrandedDissonance Mink
Dissonance Rhino
Taaffeite323TaaffeiteUnbrandedDissonance Tapir
Dissonance Mink
Expert Reaper
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