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This page contains evolution charts for each brand. For details about how pins evolve, see the main Pin article.

See also Pin Evolution Table.

Note that Pin 226 of Gatito brand evolved into the unbranded Pin 246 in the Japanese version. This was changed as the game was localized: Pin 226 evolves into another Gatito pin (Pin 222) in the US/EU version. This means that in the US/EU version, there's no way to change the brand through evolution.

These charts are based on the data from this wiki; if you find any mistakes, please comment on the Talk page, and we will fix them.

D+B Evolution Chart


Natural Puppy Evolution Chart

Natural Puppy.graph.old

Pavo Real Evolution Chart

Pavo Real.graph.old

Mus Rattus Evolution Chart

Mus Rattus.graph.old

Jupiter of the Monkey Evolution Chart

Jupiter of the Monkey.graph.old

Hip Snake Evolution Chart

Hip Snake.graph.old

Sheep Heavenly Evolution Chart

Sheep Heavenly.graph.old

Tigre Punks Evolution Chart

Tigre Punks.graph.old

Dragon Couture Evolution Chart

Dragon Couture.graph.old

Lapin Angelique Evolution Chart

Lapin Angelique.graph.old

Pegaso Evolution Chart


Wild Boar Evolution Chart

Wild Boar.graph.old

Gatito Evolution Chart


Note: The chart above is for the US/EU version.

Unbranded Evolution Chart


Note: The chart above is for the US/EU version.

Gatito+Unbranded Evolution Chart


Note: The chart above is for the Japanese version.