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Pin 084
Number 084
Name Kanesada
Brand Jupiter of the Monkey
Levels 7
Psych Pospsyche Shockwave S
Spec Attack: 99
Efficiency 35%
Damage @ATK=200 105 (per hit)
Class A
Limit 10 uses
Value ¥8000
Boot 0s
Reboot 5s
Info 1 Slash an enemy any distance away and Neku will move in for a horizontal swipe. Keep slashing for a finisher that knocks the enemy back.
Info 2 Growth Bonus: Power: Y, Uses: N, Boot: N

Growth Speed: Somewhat slow

This pin will not evolve.

  • BPP yields: M
  • SDPP yields: M
  • MPP yields: M
Tin Pin Weight: 7

Spin: 1

KO Length: 3


  • Stinger x 0
  • Bomber x 5
  • Hammer x 8
  • Hand x 1
How to get Sold by: J of the M Cat Street

Dropped by:

Event reward:

Evolved from: 082

Comments Named after the Kanesada lineage of swordsmiths of Aizu, regarded as one of the major focal points of the Sengoku Jidai and grew to be one of Japan's greatest centers of martial arts, cultural tradition, and political power into the Edo Period and the Tokugawa Regime. Famous for long lasting and enduring blades that never lost their sharpness during the near 100 years of civil war that engulfed Japan for a near two centuries. Representative of the Mino School of the Great Five Schools of Swordsmithing.
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