The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

The Pig Noise symbol in the first game. It is green and shaped like a pig.

Pig Noise are a special type of Noise that only shows up only on certain days in certain areas. Each Pig Noise icon can have many Pig Noise within it. Pig Noise often drop rare pins and are often necessary to defeat in order to get the Secret Reports. Pigs can be difficult to erase as they may have high defense or HP, and always try to escape from battle, though they will not attack the player (one species is an exception to the latter two rules).

The World Ends with You[]

All pigs try to move off screen, except the powerful Pig Butoh who is only encountered in Pork City. If the player allows one to go off either screen, it and all other pigs will flee from both screens at once. Therefore the best way to beat pig Noise is to use pins that either knock an enemy back, make it pause while being attacked, or equipping clothes which give the player free Fusion Stars, so the player can do a Fusion attack at the start of the battle (in remix versions, pigs are immune to fusions). Normally Neku's partner attacks will pause its movements on the bottom screen as well. This sometimes works in the remix versions with partner attacks as well. Should the player fail to defeat it, the player can simply scan for the Noise symbol again and start over. However, once the player has beaten a Pig Noise, it will not return.

Pig Noise encounters have predetermined drops and difficulty ratings independent from the player's settings. They will not appear on the player's Noise list until the player has erased them at Pork City. For players wishing to assemble a complete Lv. 1 Noise Report, it is important to make sure those fights at Pork City are done at Lv.1.

If the player uses Beat's Lv. 3 Fusion attack on any pig, it will act like it has escaped. Pig Noise are named after kinds of dances.

If there is Pig Noise in the area that the player is located in, it will oink a few seconds after touching the Player Pin to scan. The locations of Pig Noise can be found on the Pig Noise location page.

Types of Pig Noise[]

Each pig produces a different pin when defeated. The difficulty does not matter, because the pig will produce the same pin in each difficulty. All of the pigs are unique, therefore there are different means of defeating each one. All pigs may be found in "Another Day" on each floor of Pork City, which is necessary to complete the Noise Report.

  • Noise 67.PNGPig Samba
    • Defeat one or a whole group if multiple pigs appear before they run off the screen.
    • One special Pig Samba (Joshua, Day 7) begins the battle asleep. To defeat it, the device must be put into sleep mode. (DS: Close the lid; Solo Remix: Lock the phone; Final Remix: Press the Power button) If the pig is attacked, it will dash off-screen right away. Be sure to remove any pins that automatically activate at the beginning of a battle (e.g. - Black Rose).
    • This pig will produce Orichalcum when defeated.
  • Noise 68.PNGPig Cha-cha
    • This pig takes little damage from attacks; it must be defeated quickly before it runs off the screen.
    • Use psychs that use quick, short attacks such as Pospsyche.gif Shockwave Slash Icon.gif instead of big ones, such as Pospsyche.gif Massive Hit Press Icon.gif pins.
    • This pig will drop Icy Stare when defeated.
  • Noise 69.PNGPig Carol
    • Use a specific pin to defeat one.
    • In the DS version, if hit on the top screen, it will delay the one on the bottom screen, thus giving you more time to defeat it.
      • It is not necessary to use the specific pin if it can be repeatedly stalled it from the top screen.
      • If the partner's attacks are strong enough, the player can defeat it without Neku. Fusion works well.
    • This pig will produce Adamantite when defeated.
  • Noise 70.PNGPig Salsa
    • Defeat the pig before the number above its head reaches zero.
    • If there are several pigs, defeat them in numerical order. If defeated out of order, all pigs will run off-screen right away.
    • This pig will produce Dope Line when defeated.
  • Noise 71.PNGPig Jig
    • These pigs will come in a group, each one assigned a number.
    • Defeat the real pig among the others.
    • This pig will produce Sheep Heavenly when defeated.
  • Noise 72.PNGPig Rhumba
    • This pig is only visible on the top screen, but it still exists on the lower screen, except it's invisible.
    • The partner's attacks will make it visible for a short while.
    • This pig will produce Dragon Couture.
  • Noise 73.PNGPig Tango
    • Defeat the pig before its countdown reaches zero. The number will only go down when the pig is idle.
    • This pig will produce Spider's Silk or Indestructo Man when defeated.
  • Noise 74.PNGPig Polka
    • This pig will only take damage if it is attacked by both partners simultaneously.
    • Use pins that have a long-lasting hit. Negpsyche.gif Burst Rounds Press Icon.gif and Negpsyche.gif Thunderbolt Touch Icon.gif work especially well.
    • This pig will produce Demon's Hatred or Diss (on Hard) when defeated.
  • Noise 75.PNGPig Butoh
    • This is the only pig that will attempt to attack, and dodge the player's attacks.
    • It is also the only pig that will not try to flee from battle.
    • However, it deals heavy damage (over 500 on Easy, and over 1000 on Hard). These attacks are possible to evade.
    • This pig will produce Gatito when defeated.
  • Noise 76.PNGPig Mazurka
    • The pig will try to run off the screen in both zones. Both Neku and his partner must delay it on their own screen.
    • It will appear with a group of other Noise. Erase it first before it runs off, then deal with the other enemies afterwards.
    • This pig will produce Pig when defeated.

NEO: The World Ends with You[]

Pig Noise return in the sequel. Like the previous game, once they are defeated, they can not be encountered again. On the Chapter Select screen, if there is a lit pink Pig Noise icon, it means that the Pig Noise has already been defeated, so the player should visit the days with unlit icons. The Social Network ability of Kaie Ono shows a Pig Noise icon if there is one in the area, while the ability of Maito Minami displays which days contain undefeated Pig Noise on the Chapters menu.

Types of Pig Noise[]

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