The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

The cell phone menu can be accessed after meeting Beat and Rhyme on Day 2. This menu is where the player can save their progress, change their pins or threads, eat food, and access the chapter select and Noise Report menus. More menus are unlocked as the player progresses and earns the corresponding stickers.

Menu Stickers
Item 376.png 376DS
402Solo Remix
435Final Remix
(S) Phone Menu --- Touch the phone icon in the upper-right corner of the bottom screen while in the field to open the Phone Menu and access game sub-menus.
You also go to the Phone Menu when you want to adjust your level, the difficulty of combat, or your partner's behavior.
  • Main plot - unmissable
Item 415.png 415DS
441Solo Remix
478Final Remix
(S) Noise Report --- Adds the Noise Report to your phone. View info on enemies you've faced: what pins they drop, or tips on erasing them.
The same Noise will drop different pins depending on the difficulty level. Increase your drop rate for more pin drops!
  • Shiki, Day 4 (104 Building)
Item 416.png 416DS
442Solo Remix
479Final Remix
(S) Tin Pin Versus --- Adds the Tin Pin Slammer multiplayer mode to your phone so you can take on friends via wireless communications.
Playing Tin Pin Slammer will earn you PP, just the same as wearing your pins into battle!
  • Herbal Remedies - Shibu Dept. Store for 1x 1,000 Yen; 1x 500 Yen; 1x 100 Yen
Item 383.png 383DS
409Solo Remix
442Final Remix
(S) Game Cleared Neku This proves that you've beaten the game. Nice work! You can now access the Chapter Selection Menu from your phone (the Home Menu Solo Remix).
This sticker also allows you to fast-forward through cutscenes by holding down the L or R Buttons! (This sticker also allows you to skip cutscenes by tapping the SKIP button! Solo Remix)
  • Main plot - Endgame
Item 417.png 417DS
443Solo Remix
(S) Mingle Mode --- Adds Mingle Mode and the Friends Menu to your phone. Mingle Mode lets you trade Friend Cards and earn PP! (TWEWY)
Adds Mingle Mode and the Friends Menu to the Home Menu. Mingle Mode lets you trade Friend Cards and earn PP! (Solo Remix)
You can mingle with any DS that's communicating wirelessly, regardless of what game the owner is playing. Try it out! (TWEWY)

The more you mingle, the more you jingle. Keep trading Friend Cards, and you'll find your pockets filling with nicer and nicer items. (Solo Remix)

  • Shiki, Day 4 (Cadoi City)