The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

PP (Pin Points) are the points used by the game engine to level up and evolve pins.

PP Types[]

There are three types of PP, which correspond to the three ways to earn them.


Battle PP is referred to as BPP. It is the type of PP you get from battles. The amount of PP gained varies with how well you performed in the battle (see Battle Rankings).


Shutdown PP is referred to as SDPP. It is the type of PP that is earned by saving and turning off the game for an extended period of time. In the Final Remix, SDPP can also be earned by leaving the game suspended (either by returning to the Home menu or putting the device in sleep mode) for that period. You can gain PP (from SDPP) for only 7 consecutive days, after which you must load and save the game to accumulate more.

However, it is possible to speed up this process by changing the date of your DS forward by 7 days. The game does not recognize days that have gone backwards (returning the date to the real one). If you set it forward then set it back and save, it will be as though it never happened (you still keep the pp etc).

SDPP is counted at 9 times its actual value for purposes of determining the dominant PP type in evolution (see below for details).

The rate at which SDPP are earned slows down with time:

  • 1 SDPP per 10 minutes for day 1 (i.e., the first 24 hours earth time)
  • 1 SDPP per 20 minutes for day 2
  • 1 SDPP per 40 minutes for day 3
  • 1 SDPP per 80 minutes for day 4
  • 1 SDPP per 160 minutes for days 5 through 7
  • no SDPP are earned after 7 days

A total of 297 PP can be earned by using SDPP for 7 complete days. However, note that playing TWEWY briefly once a day for 7 days would earn 1,008 SDPP.


Mingle PP is referred to as MPP. It is the type of PP you get from using Mingle Mode or playing other people at Tin Pin Slammer. Mingle Mode awards MPP as follows::

  • 50 MPP for mingling with an ESP'er (A DS running The World Ends With You in Mingle Mode)
  • 20 MPP for mingling with a Civvie (A DS running any other game)
  • 100 MPP for mingling with an Alien (Random bonus)

Additionally, Wii owners can gain MPP from Civvie encounters by accessing the Nintendo Channel and choosing to transmit any DS demo. The World Ends With You registers a Wii transmitting a DS Demo as a DS, so 20 MPP are awarded. The Wii can be left transmitting while the person goes in and out of Mingle Mode, accruing MPP. To set your Wii up for this, make sure you have downloaded the free 'Nintendo Channel' online from the Wii Shop Channel. After downloading the channel, start it up and find a DS Demo to send. Initiate Mingle Mode and Civvie-level PP will be awarded. This can also be done with the DS recommended software from the Nintendo Channel, Wii games with DS connection functionality, e.g. Pokemon Battle Revolution and Castlevania Judgment or with the Mii Channel while transferring a Mii to the DS.

MPP is counted at 20 times its actual value for purposes of determining the dominant PP type in evolution (see below for details).

In The World Ends with You -Solo Remix-, mingle PP is now also obtainable through training in Tin Pin Slammer, offline. For a good method of getting MPP, see Farming.

In The World Ends With You: Final Remix for the Nintendo Switch, mingle PP no longer exists. So far, in every situation where a pin does not already evolve from SDPP, mingle evolutions now use SDPP, in cases where the pin already evolves from SDPP it uses BPP instead. (However, there seems to be an exception to this rule: Murasame, pin 93, previously evolved to Rakuyo, pin 94, through MPP. It now evolves through BPP. The tertiary evolution to pin Kusanagi, pin 95, is also done through BPP.)

Dominant PP[]

The experience bar in your pin menu uses different colors to display the three types of PP earned in the lifetime of each pin:

  • Shutdown PP (SDPP) - green color
  • Battle PP (BPP) - blue color
  • Mingle PP (MPP) - red color

The color with the biggest share of the experience bar determines the dominant PP. This is very important, since dominant PP affects the pin evolution.

However the experience bar is a little tricky. It does not simply show the fraction of the total PP that belong to each type. Instead, it magnifies the fraction of SDPP and MPP at the expense of BPP. Specifically, the experience bar assigns 9 times as much space to each point of SDPP, and 20 times as much to each point of MPP as to each point of BPP.

Note that this preferential treatment of SDPP and MPP does not affect the total PP required for mastery. The experience bar will completely fill precisely at the moment that your total PP reaches the required amount (i.e., maxes out).

For instance, let's say you have a total of 1000 PP used to master a pin. Suppose it consists of 200 SDPP, 100 MPP, and 700 BPP. The experience bar will give preferential treatment to SDPP and MPP, at a 9:1 and 20:1 advantage, respectively. So it will count 1800 SDPP, 2000 MPP, and 700 BPP. MPP has the highest sum and is dominant. As stated above, the total required PP still remains at 1000 units in this case, regardless of where it comes from.