The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

"Higashizawa's Noise form. He can absorb all of Neku's psychs while inhaling!"
— Noise Description

Ovis Cantus (オウィスカンタス Owisu Kantasu, Latin for "singing sheep") is the final Boss of Week 1 of the Reapers' Game and Yodai Higashizawa's Noise form.


Initially, Ovis Cantus won't attack very often, only using his pound and 'psych absorb' attacks occasionally. At this point, both Neku and Shiki can freely attack Ovis Cantus. After player decrease 1/4 of his HP, the screen will flash for a moment, and Ovis Cantus will say "Now we're boiling!". He will start to use all variations of his attacks now. Ovis Cantus can repeat his pounding attacks in a combo, and his swipes are extremely powerful for a player in level 2x. Additionally, Neku can easily dodge his energy balls, but this will be more difficult for Shiki.

Because Ovis Cantus's attacks are quite powerful, it is advised that the player equips a Mastered Cure Drink pin in their deck. The Shockwave pin is arguably the best to use against Ovis Cantus because he is a stationary boss, therefore he won't avoid any of Neku's attacks. If the player prefers long-range combat, use a powerful negative psych. Ovis Cantus's inability to dodge is compensated by his absorbing move, so the player should remember not to attack while he absorbs.

Neku may have to rapidly dash around the battlefield when Ovis Cantus is doing a combo. In this situation, instead of trying to use a psych, Shiki should attempt to get Fusion Stars. Ovis Cantus rarely attacks Shiki (except for the energy balls, which spreads to both Neku and Shiki), so Shiki is safe in general. When Ovis Cantus does attack with his fist, Shiki should jump and try to continue to attack.


"I'll mince you!" - A swipe across the screen, knocking Neku from one side to the other. Avoidable only by dashing.

"Time for a taste test!" - Ovis Cantus inhales all psychs and partner attacks, wasting your charges and restoring a little of his HP. Healing pins are affected.

"I'll pound you!" - Pounds his fist to the ground, creating a small shockwave. It's dodgeable by moving away from his fists.

"I'll char your bones black!" - Expels balls of energy from his mouth, dodged by dashing away from the energy balls. Ovis Cantus follows this up with summoning lightning bolts that damage and immobilizes Neku, which can be dodged by dashing.

*Laugh* - Swings his fists downward on Shiki, dodged by jumping or blocking.

*Scream* - Swings his fist horizontally on Shiki, dodged by jumping or blocking.