"Don't try licking these poisonous frogs! Even a touch will leave you hurting!"
— Noise Report

The Orchefrog is a frog Noise in The World Ends with You that has a green body, red eyes, and red tattoos for its hind legs. It is one of only two Noise to spawn with sprog Noise (with Bigbanfrog being the other).


Passive AbilitiesEdit

  • Poisonous Skin: The Orchefrog releases poison in a close perimeter when attacked physically. This only applies to Neku on the bottom screen as his partner on the top screen is immune to this effect.
  • Sprog Spawn: The Orchefrog has the capability to spawn a group of Orchesprogs which will aid it in its battle against the player. The Orchefrog will not always spawn with sprogs.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Leap: The Orchefrog leaps onto the player, and then leaps off to deal moderate damage. The leap is homing to a degree and so it is difficult to avoid by moving normally. However, dashing while the frog is attempting to land on Neku or before it has leapt off is usually a good method of avoiding taking damage from the attack.
  • Bubbles: After standing still to inflate its throat sac, the Orchefrog releases a number of bubbles that inflict damage on contact; damaging the bubbles will pop them (the bubbles are considered airborne, so ground-based attacks will not destroy them). Attacking the Orchefrog while it's inflating its throat sac cancels the attack altogether.


An Orchefrog spawns with eight Orchesprogs unless there are already two other Orchefrogs in the battle. Once all frog noise have been erased, any remaining sprog noise are also erased.

The player should try to avoid using short-ranged psyches on Orchefrogs, as their "Poisonous Skin" ability will cause automatic damage. However, their attack speed is average, so blocking and avoiding their attacks shouldn't be much of a problem.


The Orchefrog's name is a play on "orchestra" (a large instrumental ensemble) and "frog".


Dixiefrog artwork 1

Orchefrogs emerging from Noise symbols.

  • It is unclear as to whether the artwork of frog Noise emerging from Noise symbols that is used in-game (see right) depict Dixiefrogs or Orchefrogs. Although the Noise in the artwork have yellow eyes, like Dixiefrogs, they also have red legs, like Orchefrogs. Additionally, this artwork is seen both on Week 1: Day 1 and Week 3: Day 1, when Neku is attacked by Dixiefrogs and Orchefrogs, respectively.