The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

The 96 different species of Noise that appear in The World Ends with You and -Solo Remix- do not all have unique sprites. Many species can be grouped together in Noise Families that share behavior and abilities in battle but vary in coloring, statistics, and specific abilities. The Noise Report automatically groups species of the same family together, leaving spaces for unencountered Noise. Generally, Noise that occupy later entries in the Noise Report are more powerful and have access to a wider range of attacks than their earlier-occurring family members.

The World Ends With You[]


Regular Noise[]

Families containing Taboo Noise[]

Taboo Noise, while considered to be of their own Noise family, are not separated into their own section within the Noise Report, and are instead grouped together with each of the other Noise of their species.

Dissonance Noise[]

Dissonance Noise are a type of Noise found only in A New Day of The World Ends with You Final Remix, and are considered to be their own unique noise family due to their placement at the end of the Noise Report.

The Animation[]

The World Ends with You The Animation featured two unnamed Noise families not seen anywhere else in the franchise: the Fish Noise and Spider Noise.

NEO: The World Ends With You[]

NEO: The World Ends With You introduced both new Noise, and reintroduced returning Noise from the previous game, placing them in the Noisepedia. There are 92 entries of Noise, although some have multiple entriest. There are 45 new species of noise, 31 returning species, 7 Boss counterparts, 3 Psyched versions of Players, and 6 Noise with repeated encounters with multiple entries. Generally, the Noise Families are smaller than that of the previous game. Boss versions of Noise are typically right next to their normal noise counterpart.


Regular Noise[]

Plague Noise[]

Plague Noise are a type of Noise found only in NEO: The World Ends with You, and are considered to be their own unique Noise family due to their separation from the other Noise families. It contains some Noise that are not in any previously listed families.

Player Noise[]

Unlike the previous game, Players belonging to other teams can be battled in tourney known as the Scramble Slam, as well has having various Boss battles against the leaders (with the exception of Kanon.) Each team "grunt" has a "psyched" version of itself, which is noticeably stronger.

α Noise[]

In Party in the 'Buya (Another Day), the player can battle alternative versions of the Shinjuku Reapers Noise forms. In the Noisepedia, these are marked with an α (lowercase Alpha) at the end of their names, in order to signify that this is Noise from another universe. α Noise (Alpha Noise) are in their own separate section of the Noisepedia, after Phoenix Cantus (Noise #88 to #91.)

  • Cervus Cantus α
  • Grus Cantus α
  • Iris Cantus α
  • Shiba α


Noise Families
The World Ends with You
BatBoomerCarcinCorehogDissonanceDrakeFoxFrogGrizzlyJellyMink Noise FormPigPopguinRavenRhinoSharkShrewSprogTabooWolfWoollyReaper

NEO: The World Ends with You
FrogGrizzlyJellyLeonPachyPigPlaguePlayersPopguinPufferRavenRexRhinoSharkShinjuku ReaperShinjuku Reaper Noise FormStingerWolfα (Alpha)