The following is a list of abilities that Noise have, either actively or passively. Please note that the following names and given tiers of the abilities are unofficial as the game doesn't provide such information. The names are used as a form of reference to each ability on this wiki. The tiers may not apply for every game player.

Passive Abilities

Passive abilities are "skills" that are innately active in a Noise. It is spontaneous and will remain active unless the given ability is a "form" type of ability, switching between one passive state to another and back. While certain passive abilities are obvious in some noise, others are either hard to notice or are just labels in regards to stats.

Among Noise families, some Passives are common or can be found in any family, while others are unique to certain families.

Common Passives

These Passives are not exclusive to one Noise family and can be found in an array of Noise families.

Name Info Type Tier Noise Tips
MaVB This universal "passive" regulates so that most of the hard-to-hit or swift Noise are lower in HP, while the HP-heavy Noise are slow yet hard-to-kill. Statistic ? All Take note, there are a select few where this passive actually doesn't apply 100%.
Stay Your Ground Noise, unlike the player and his partner, will never surrender to the ground, even when knocked back or up. Statistic A? All This passive can find itself being annoying, especially with Noise who execute their moves quickly. Don't stop attacking.
Taboo Defense Taboo Noise are effectively resistant against all psyches, not including Fusions or your partners' attacks. Defense Reaper Taboo Noise Pins with the neutral element will also ignore Taboo Defense.
Noise Armor Boss Noise have bonus "health" in the form of an Armor Gauge, signifying a significant amount of sturdiness in comparison to other noise. Defense A? Boss Noise While "Armor" is no different than normal health, it serves as an indicator that the Noise has more health than normal Noise. It should also be noted that the Noise's HP is significantly increased once the bar is depleted.
Amassed Body Noises with this trait tend to be large, have an abnormal amount of HP and are impervious to forceful Psychs such as Psychokinesis. Defense A Woolly; Drake; etc. On top of being tough, these Noise are immovable and have a large attack range! Only few can be knocked up.
Teleport Certain Noise has the capability to disappear and reappear around the screen, making them hard to hit. Positional B Fox Noise; Sho Minamimoto; etc. This special technique can make certain enemies hard to hit and hard to deal with.

Unique Passives

Noise-unique Passives which usually distinguishes one family from another.

Name Info Type Tier Noise Tips
Sprog Spawn Along with certain Frog Noise, small tadpole-like Sprog Noise will spawn to aid their leader against the player. Command C Frog Noise While the Sprogs may look docile, they'll slow you down to allow its leader Frog to take aim with its attacks.
+/- Absorption Unique to the Frog family, ability psyches (positive, negative or both) will be absorbed to recover some health. Statistic S Frog Noise This unique ability requires the player to equip specific pins they might not usually use, or utilize their partner more often.
Poisonous Skin When attacked, the Noise will release poison in a close parameter. Doesn't apply to the top screen. Defense B Frog Noise While the poison is not the strongest, it's still advised to avoid using positive/close-range psychs.
Roam The Wolf Noise, unlike most noise, will constantly run around the battle area, finding a opportunity to spring an attack. Bottom-screen only. Positional C Wolf Noise Allowing the noise to move around more than usual, aim well so you don't miss these moving targets.
Predatory State The Noise will enter a state of aggressiveness once its health is depleted, causing its attack power to drastically increase. Statistic A Grizzly Noise Already being attack-powerful, Predatory State only makes the Grizzly Noise an even more dangerous foe.
Energy Drain These bats will, by default, drain any source of light to grant a veil of darkness to their greater cousin. Statistic A Bat Noise The Bat Noise will drain the lights from the surrounding, giving its older cousins, Vespertilio or Pteropus, true immortality.
Tunnel Dweller Digging through the ground, these shrews freely travel underground to avoid direct attacks and surprise its enemies. Positional A Shrew Noise While seemingly harmless at first, this ability coupled with their surprising attacks can make Shrews a dangerous foe.
Popguin Lead When a Popguin is accompanied with its minions, it'll lead them in an unified assault on the player. Command B Popguin Noise A greater Popguin has the ability to coordinate attacks on Neku or his partner, so be wary.
Drifter The Jelly noise floats around, shocking the player or his partner when they come in contact. Defense C Jelly Noise Stay away from these Jelly noise, or else there's a chance you will become temporarily immobilized.
Jelly Mitosis The Head Jelly noise will clone itself to make either an identical clone or a failed copy. ? B? Jelly Noise This ability can be either overwhelming with more enemies to come, or advantageous for item collecting!
Sacred Fire-Tails Lv The Fox Noise can amass tails by collecting fox-fires in order to become stronger. Statistic C; B; S Fox Noise The more tails they have, Fox Noise can use more mimic abilities, so eradicate those flames fast!
Petrified Statue When near-death, Fox Noise will turn to stone on one screen. Sadly for them, they are completely vulnerable on the other. Defensive D Fox Noise Look out for when the Fox turns to stone or else you'll make unnecessary moves.
Forward Immunity Rhino Noise are protected by an invisible barrier in the front, heavily reducing any damage taken from that side to little or even none. Defensive B Rhino Noise Take whatever chance to get behind these Noise in order to inflict maximum damage!
Ravenous Flight These Noise have the capability to fly, allow them to ignore obstacles and certain attacks. Positional C Raven Noise While not much in harms way, the ability to fly allows these ravens to avoid attacks by flying around.

Active Abilities

Active abilities are the skills that a Noise uses in order to perform an action, whether it be healing or attacking. These abilities are very easy to identify when the noise is using it because it is something that is outside their usual idle state. In comparison to Passives, Active abilities between Noise families never overlap, although some will look similar.