During battle, players and enemies may get a small icon next to their picture; it represents a negative status, similar to a "status effect" in other games. Negative statuses may be caused by an attack or by simply wearing certain pins. Some healing pins cure negative statuses as well as restoring HP. Players can also prevent negative statuses by wearing threads with abilities that prevent them.

"Positive status effects" do not exist in the game. For example, in the game, Regeneration is an ability only acquired from a thread rather from a status.

There are four negative statuses: Immobility, HP Drain, Attack Break, and Defense Break.

Only one negative status can be active on an enemy at a time. For example, if Neku has two status-causing pins in his pin deck, whichever pin is in the lower of the two slots will be applied and the other will be ignored.

Aside from the four statuses above, there are also three other "statuses": Stun, Knock-Back, and Airborne. These are more of "battle-aggressive" statuses, so are set apart from the above four statuses.

Immobility Immobility Edit

  • Immobility stuns the target: the target cannot engage in any action, such as moving, attacking, or using pins, with the exception of pins which cure Immobility. When immobilized, the afflicted is still susceptible to damage. It is represented by a white square with black lines on it.

HP Drain HP Drain Edit

  • HP Drain continuously reduces the target's HP by a percentage of its maximum HP. It does not, however, refer to Noise attacks whose purpose is to drain HP (such as being grabbed by a jelly). It is represented by a white square with circles.

Attack Break Attack Break Edit

Defense Break Defense Break Edit

  • Defense Break halves the target's defense. It is represented by a white square with an 'D' inside a blue arrow.

"Aggressive" StatusesEdit

The following are "statuses" that are momentary statuses the player or noise will take if they are attacked by a certain attack.


  • This status similar to Immobility, but is prevailent when attacked. As it can also be called "flinch", Stun is when the player or noise is unable to take action for a split moment due to taking effective damage. Some noise will not flinch; Neku and his partners will not flinch if they receive minimal or no damage from noise attacks.


  • Knock-Back occurs when the player or noise receives an attack that throws them backwards. While Neku and partner will presumably fall to the ground if this occurs, noise will only be thrown backwards. Knock-Back therefore similar to Stun, expect the player or noise is moved backwards.


  • Otherwise known as "knock-up", this is a momentary status when the player or a noise has been knocked up into the air. While Neku and partner will presumably fall to the ground if this occurs, noise will only be thrown backwards. Neku can take advantage of this status to juggle enemies.
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