The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You
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"Everything else could be perfect... but just one mistake... And suddenly, the entire meal is ruined. The human mind is a volatile and fickle thing."
— Nagi on Buddy Rapids

Nagi Usui (笛吹 梛 Usui Nagi) is a Player, member of the Wicked Twisters, and a main character in NEO: The World Ends with You. She is a college student who lived in Shibuya before entering the Reapers' Game.


Nagi is a pale, thin young woman with brown eyes and purpleish black hair. She wears her chest length hair half up, with two small twintails tied with green bows on either side of her head. She wears round, thin-framed silver glasses, a white t-shirt dress, fingerless black gloves, a purple itabag, purple and white striped thigh-high stockings, and green, zippered boots.

Despite being a college student, she is frequently mistaken for being a middle schooler due to her youthful appearance.

Nagi's itabag.

Her shirt has the kanji characters 推しが尊い (oshi ga tōtoi) by default. This means "my fave is precious", a common saying among otakus about their favorite characters. Her backpack has a plush, chibi-style keychain of a dark-haired person with a green outfit. Her itabag also sports various rows of round pins depicting the same person in its window. Her itabag also has a heart-shaped pin and a large, chibi style image of her "fave" Tomonami.


"I have so much to live for, so many games to play!"

Nagi is deeply passionate about her pastimes, devoting all of her time and energy to her favorite games. She plays the video game Elegant Strategy and loves the character Tomonami from it. When she is thinking about her favorite character, she is incredibly passionate. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Nagi lives for her hobbies. While Nagi does mention having friends and family who she has not heard from since arriving in the UG, she wants to return to life so she can read the latest chapter of her game, never mentioning her connections with other people as a motive, showing how she has prioritized her video game over her real-life connections, adding to the "distanced protagonist" theme shared with Rindo and Fret.

Nagi speaks in a nerdy manner befitting an otaku, such as calling Rindo "Lord Rindo", referring to people she admires as "His Lordship", and ending her sentences in the Japanese version with 'de gozaru', an extremely polite and archaic copula that is mostly associated with historical or crime genres.[1] In the English version, she uses Shakespearean English such as "'Tis" and "'Twas" frequently, and one of her battle quotes is "Have at thee!"

Although she seems rather eccentric and a bit "off in her own world" at times, Nagi is quite intelligent and uses a vast vocabulary. Highly perceptive, she is also acutely aware of others’ emotions and reading people. She shows disdain and acts coldly toward those she deems superficial and disingenuous, and considers herself an "edgelord" (although she only uses this term in the English localization). This is why she has difficulty getting along with Fret, as she can sense that his cheerful personality is often more of an act rather than truly genuine, although she is unaware it resulted from his emotional pain, resulting in her standoffish behavior towards him. Conversely, she is highly compassionate to those she can tell are struggling, and will make efforts to take responsibility and boost morale when her allies are having a difficult time.

Nagi is described as being "more of a subdued character who can't assimilate into a social environment as easily as other people."[2] She is true to herself and her own interests, not shying away from outwardly expressing her love of otaku hobbies even if it means social rejection, such as when she shows her enthusiasm of Elegeant Strategy towards Rindo. In this sense, Nagi could be considered brave. When Nagi is around people that she does not know, she is quite shy and quiet. Despite this suggesting that she herself might be asocial, she makes concerted efforts to get along with others, and uses everything at her disposal to do so, ranging from her vocabulary to emojis. She understands that other people have their own circumstances and inner worlds better than most, and desires to both get along with and become friends with others where she can. Nagi believes that people should utilize their uniqueness to overcome adversity, and disagrees with Fret's opinion that people should simply stop caring about what other people think of them, feeling it's an antisocial line of thought. She is concerned that imprinting Eiru to stop caring about other people think could cause him become antisocial.

Unlike some of the other characters in the series, Nagi does not have an explicit or defined arc, continuing to love Elegant Strategy after the Reapers' Game. However, she does bring up the game less in conversations as time goes on, showing how her time in the Reapers' Game has helped her be more aware of the world outside of her game, opening up the possibility that Elegeant Strategy may not be the highest priority in her life anymore. Additionally, she becomes disillusioned with her fawning of Minamimoto, who she barely knew anything about and idolized him based solely on his physical appearance; she stops calling him Lord Tomonami and calls him "Lord Tomonami's doppelgänger". Nagi grows respect for Fret after learning his burdened past, becoming less judgemental towards people who have facades, coming to realize that even their behaviors and disingenuous personas can stem from places of sorrow and trauma, and she keeps in touch with him over EleStra. There is also a photo of her with the group implying everyone has become friends to a degree. Possibly due to her being one of the older members of the Wicked Twisters, it is also noticeable that Nagi acts to help ground the team, such as Fret and Shoka during week three, with wisdom and emotional support during its emotionally tough times. This may be Nagi growing into the role and be something she is not used to doing.



Nagi is a college student who attends school and lives in a dorm in Shibuya. She attends the same school as Katsuhiko Tanimaru and once won against him in a quiz competition's manga category. She once attended an Elegant Strategy event called ES Live where she got an exclusive ES pin, has all 25 soundtrack pins, and pins from its Blu-ray box sets, a comic, a not-for-sale pin she won at a contest, and even made some of her own pins.

It is implied she somehow entered the game while on her way to get food.[3] When asked about how she died by Fret, Nagi refuses to go into detail. However, it is later revealed that Nagi does not remember dying, and was brought to the UG by Kubo in the same way as Rindo and Fret. As someone who wandered into the UG in the middle of a Reapers' Game, Nagi knew nothing about the Reapers' Game, such as important information such as how long it lasts. At one point, she came across a Reaper, but she got confused by their explanation before being left alone again. Nagi also mentioned she owned lots of pins, starting a misunderstanding among the people in the UG that her pins were for psychs.

NEO: The World Ends with You[]

Week One[]

On Day 3, Rindo and Fret first hear about Nagi from other Players, who spread word that a powerful new Player has joined but is not associated with any team yet. There is also a rumor the player has an arsenal of pins, but it is really a half-truth as Nagi's backpack contains merchandise pins. The duo decide to take a risk and spend the day looking to recruit them. Eventually, they come across a disheartened and gloomy Nagi who exhibits borderline suicidal thoughts. Nagi uses Dive into Rindo's mind where she hears a lot of his negative towards her, such as calling her a loose cannon. Rindo's Replay ability is triggered, allowing him to eventually find an ES pin which convinces Nagi to join the Wicked Twisters. Upon joining, Nagi is very excited to have people to share her thoughts with. She had previously been very distressed since everyone else had ignored her entirely, and she is relieved to have found people to confide in. She proves herself in combat despite seeming nervous at first, and actually seems to enjoy it a bit.

Week Two[]

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Week Three[]

In Week Three, Nagi serves as a stabilizing force for the Wicked Twisters. As one of the older team members, she is somewhat more equipped to handle the emotional needs of the others, and becomes a figure to support them through their difficulties. She is often seen talking to Shoka and hoping to help her mental state in the wake of Ayano's death. She also makes a concerted effort to help Fret avoid his sadness after Kanon's erasure, and lends him emotional support despite the two not getting along too well prior. She also grows to understand him in this week and shares her own feelings on humanity. Her philosophy is that the difference between humanity and being inhuman is one's concern with others, whether you brush other people off as irrelevant or make an effort to listen, whether you are callous and uncaring or compassionate and kind, and whether or not one is genuinely a kind person or simply putting up a facade. She uses these ideals to try and better support others and understand people more deeply.

She is also seen throughout the week assisting in various Dives. The most notable of these is when she uses Dive in conjunction with Fret's Remind and Neku's Sync abilities in order to help overwrite the dissonance and save Shibuya and her friends.



Nagi using Dive.

Nagi uses a special psych, Dive, to enter into people's minds. It can be used to fight and exterminate the Noise within to bring the afflicted victims back to their senses. During Dive battles, surroundings are different from usual, and the player may encounter Noise with special emotion-based powers. Diving on Normal difficulty or higher will let the player gain rewards based on their battle results.



There are ten Threads that give bonuses when worn exclusively by Nagi.

Icon # Name Threads Slot HP Bonus ATK Bonus DEF Bonus Style Ability
NEO Thread 139.png 139 Sheepy T-Shirt Topwear 8 0 15 20 Nagi: ATK Boost
NEO Thread 200.png 200 Chesterfield Coat Topwear 30 0 83 70 Nagi: ATK Boost II
NEO Thread 206.png 206 Comfy Overalls Full Body 145 0 145 95 Nagi: ATK Boost III
NEO Thread 148.png 148 Shirt Dress Full Body 35 0 35 15 Nagi: DEF Boost
NEO Thread 002.png 2 Topo Hat Headwear 0 2 14 45 Nagi: DEF Boost II
NEO Thread 227.png 227 Denim Shirt Dress Full Body 145 0 145 80 Nagi: DEF Boost III
NEO Thread 022.png 22 Denim Jacket Topwear 10 0 20 15 Nagi: HP Boost
NEO Thread 262.png 262 Maid Costume Full Body 94 0 94 45 Nagi: HP Boost II
NEO Thread 013.png 013 Marine Dress Full Body 160 0 160 150 Nagi: HP Boost IV
NEO Thread 117.png 117 Hippie Shoulder Bag Accessory 15 0 0 170 Nagi: Jackpot



Wicked Twisters[]

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Rindo initially does not seem thrilled to have Nagi on their team, finding her weird and wondering if she'll even be helpful. Despite his misgivings, the team recruit Nagi, who likes Rindo quite a lot in the wake of him giving her the EleStra pin she wanted. She is respectful towards him and addresses him as "Lord Rindo". Rindo eventually warms up to Nagi after seeing that she can hold her own, and the two become allies and friends. Nagi supports Rindo as the team leader, and frequently lends him advice.


Main article: Fret

Nagi notices Fret's easy-going conversational style is a façade, and dislikes him for that. Throughout the Game, Nagi tends to ignore Fret or criticize his demeanor and ideas, resulting in multiple arguments. Several times when Fret responds to something she said, she mentions, "I don't believe I was speaking to you." Fret gives her the nickname Nagirl and although she seems bothered by it at first, Fret keeps calling her Nagirl and Nagi does not protest, implying she has stopped caring about it.

As time goes on, their relationship becomes slightly less hostile, but the turning point is Week 3, Day 5. During a confrontation with a false Kanon, Nagi encourages Fret, and in a conversation afterwards, she discusses how she's come to discern Fret's "humanity" and the pain he tries to hide, even expressing admiration at how easily he can hold a conversation with anyone.

After the Game ends, she helps Fret get into Elegant Strategy and use it as a tool to improving his communication skills. By this point, she has started referring to him as "Lord Tosai", signaling their newfound friendship.


Main article: Minamimoto

Minamimoto reminds Nagi of her favorite character, Tomonami. She acts in an almost fanaticized manner towards him, and seems to mostly like him for the resemblance he shares with her fave. However, he rarely addresses her directly, likely because he views her as a zeptogram. She becomes a bit disillusioned with him when he leaves the group, and becomes upset with him being "out of character" in Week 3, when he harnesses the power of Noise and fights the Wicked Twisters. Minamimoto doesn't seem to care one way or another, and is, as usual, singlemindedly focused on his own goals.


Main article: Shoka

Like the other Wicked Twisters, Nagi is not initially on good terms with Shoka. However, she was never hostile towards her, and does warm up to her and is happy to have her join in Week 2, recognizing her strength and value as a potential teammate. She is also fairly quick to forgive Shoka's betrayal of the group and is able to pick up on Shoka's inner turmoil. When the group confront Ayano in various timelines, Nagi is willing to try and use her Dive ability to help Shoka save Ayano despite the added danger. She is also willing to provide additional emotional support to Shoka after she accepts Ayano being gone, be it through open conversation or the recommendation of her favorite game, EleStra. Shoka seems to appreciate Nagi's attentiveness, and is notably more polite and open with her than most people, thanking her for her support. The two form a fast friendship and seem to get along quite well.

Rival Teams[]


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Deep Rivers Society[]

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Shinjuku Reapers[]

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Shibuya Reapers[]

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Her surname Usui (笛吹) contains the kanji for "flute" (笛) and "blow" (吹) and together, means "flute player", which is in keeping with the musical naming motif of the Wicked Twisters.

Also in keeping with the naming trend of the main cast, her first name Nagi (柳) is written with the kanji for "willow", which shares its botanic theme with various other characters.


  • "What an awful affliction..." (Before Diving)
  • "Shall I proceed, then?" (Before Diving)
  • "Pardon the intrusion!" (Using Dive)
  • "Onward I dive!" (Using Dive)
  • (Shoka: "Is it time to eat yet?") "A just question!" (0% fullness)
  • "And now we feast." (placing order)
  • "Positively ambrosial!" (eating loved food)
  • "I shan't be ordering that again..." (eating disliked food)
  • "I fail to see how my lot could get any worse..."
  • "Now, you shall know punishment for hindering my pursuit of happiness. You'll rue the day you mocked me for failing to obtain that ES pin..." (to Rindo)
  • "The whole "Reapers' Game" is detestable. I give it a -200 out of 10!"
  • "Y-you would truly bestow such an incredible gift upon a plebeian wretch like me?" (to Rindo)
  • "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you a thousand times! Were you sent from the heavens?" (to Rindo)
  • "What I wouldn't give to bask in his sublimity once more..." (about Minamimoto)
  • "How incendiary."
  • "This is a most troubling story. Changing rooms are supposed to be sacred places."
  • "Humanity is the difference between making an effort to understand those around oneself, versus viewing them as merely resources to be consumed. Humanity is the difference between trying to understand opinions and values divergent from one's own, versus scoffing and dismissing them as meritless. Humanity is the difference between being fraught with fear when facing others, versus being blithely unconcerned with others altogether." (to Fret)

Battle Quotes[]

  • "I foresee no difficulties" (entering battle)
  • "This seems to be a rather risky endeavour" (entering battle)
  • "Perhaps we ought not engage?" (entering battle with low HP/boss battle)
  • "Have at thee!"
  • "Most spectacular!"
  • "Masterfully done!"
  • "Sally forth!"
  • "Just doing my job."
  • "No need to thank me."
  • "We musn't falter!"
  • "Our battle is not yet over!"
  • "That was an inexplicable success."
  • "Illuminate!" (when using Light affinity pin)
  • "I request release!" (immobilized)
  • "You have my thanks..." (released)
  • "Many thanks, Lord Rindo!" (Rindo: "...Nice work.")
  • "HRAAAAAHH!" (Rindo: "Uh, is she okay?")
  • "Splendidly done." (Rindo: "Thanks Nagi!)
  • (Rindo: "Yes, got 'em!") "Masterfully done!"
  • (Rindo: "Thanks, Nagi!") "No need to thank me!"
  • (Rindo: "Let's keep it up!") "Understood!"
  • "No foes can fell me!" (Fret: "Or me! Don't forget about me!")
  • "An adequate performace." (Fret: "That's... like a C plus!")
  • "Just doing my job." (Fret: "Like a boss!")
  • (Fret: "Nice one, Nagirl!") "Uuuuuugh."
  • (Fret: "That went pretty well!") "I suppose."
  • (Fret: "Thanks for the assist!") "'Twas nothing."
  • "GRAAAAAAHH!" (Beat: "Huh? Whatchu say, Pinny?")
  • "Time to use my true power!" (Beat: "Whatchu been waitin' for?!")
  • "'Twas an inexplicable success!" (Beat: "Jus' keep it up! Aight?!")
  • (Beat: "That all you got, Pinny?") "N-Not "all", per se!"
  • (Beat: "Le's turn up the volume, yo!") "Within reason..."
  • (Beat: "That was sick!") "'Twas sick, indeed!"
  • "I shall leave it to you." (Shoka: "So then what are you gonna do?")
  • "Much obliged, milady..." (Shoka: "Let's just say you owe me one.")
  • "Was that sufficient?" (Shoka: "Good enough.")
  • "Might we be unstoppable?" (Neku: "I sure hope so.")
  • "'Twas my humble contribution." (Neku: "That was great.")
  • "A legend indeed!" (Neku: "Thanks.")
  • (Neku: "Nice one, Nagi.") "Thank you!!"
  • (Neku: "Leave it to me.") "Yes, o legendary one!"
  • (Neku: "Just trying to keep up.") "Such humility!"
  • "(swooning noises)" (Minamimoto: "You're an odd function.")
  • "Many thanks, milord!" (Minamimoto: "Hey, try not to lose focus.")
  • "Lord Tomonami..." (Minamimoto: "Argh!")
  • (Minamimoto: "On my mark!") "Lord Tomonamiiii!"
  • (Minamimoto: "Brilliant!") "Indeed you are..."
  • (Minamimoto: "Not half bad!") "(loud swooning noises)"
  • "The new chapter of EleStra awaits!" (Noise erased)
  • "Our demise was nigh." (Noise erased with low HP)


  • Nagi was designed by Miki Yamashita.
  • Nagi's English voice actor Miranda Parkin was told to reference Peridot from Steven Universe while doing Nagi's voice. Parkin also says Nagi was voiced "like an awkward indoor lesbian."[4][5]
  • The writing on Nagi's shirt changes depending on certain scenes to say different things:[6]
    • Normally: "My favorite is fantastic." (推しが尊い / Oshi ga totoi. A phrase that can mean "my fave is precious", but is otherwise a difficult-to-translate phrase that basically means rooting for someone they're devoted to. "My husbando is best husbando" is also suggested, although the phrase as written is not gendered. This shirt has been seen for sale in the real-life Shibuya.)
    • In combat: "Ward off evil spirits." ( 悪霊退散 / Akuryou Taisan.)
    • After winning a battle: "Great victory." (大勝利 / Daishouri.)
    • During a dive: "Pardon the intrusion." (お邪魔します / Ojyamashimasu. This is the same word translated as "pardon the intrusion" in Nagi's spoken dialogue.)
    • After eating something she didn't like : "Next time, try something different." (次回は違うメニューで / Ikai wa Chigau MENU de.)
    • After eating something she moderately liked: "Thank you for the food." (ごちそうさま / Gochisousama. An extremely common phrase used after a meal.)
    • After eating something that was her favorite: "Confirmed: repeat customer." (常連確定 / Youren Kakutei.)
    • At a restaurant, before ordering: "House special." (お店のスペシャル / Omise no SPECIAL.
  • There are also several shirt designs in the game's database that aren't used. Based on their wording, it appears they may have been used for entering combat at different level differences, in a similar way to the different quotes used for this.
    • "I want to live." (まだ生きたい / Mada ikitai.)
    • "I am determined." (やる気はあります / Yaruki ga arimasu.)
    • "You need more practice." (素振り千回 / Soburi senkai. Literally "Swing [practice] 1000 times.")
    • "Bring it on." (喧嘩上等 / Kenka joutou. Literally "Fighting superior." Also the name of a song.)
    • "The shining future." (輝く未来 / Kagayaku mirai.)
  • Nagi's birthdate is July 27th, the day the original game and NEO came out.
  • According to the director of NEO regarding the cast's food preferences, Nagi is intended to be a big eater. This is confirmed by her in-game Food Preferences.
  • Nagi's outfit was displayed at the Square Enix Cafe.[7][8][9]


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