The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You
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"Everything else could be perfect... but just one mistake... And suddenly, the entire meal is ruined. The human mind is a volatile and fickle thing."
— Nagi on Buddy Rapids

Nagi Usui (笛吹 梛 Usui Nagi) is a Player, member of the Wicked Twisters, and a main character in NEO: The World Ends with You. She is a college student who lived in Shibuya before her death.


Nagi is a pale, thin young woman with brown eyes and purpleish black hair. She wears her chest length hair half up, with two small twintails tied with green bows on either side of her head. She wears round, thin-framed silver glasses, a white t-shirt dress, fingerless black gloves, a purple itabag, purple and white striped thigh-high stockings, and green, zippered boots.

Despite being a college student, she is frequently mistaken for being a middle schooler due to her youthful appearance.

Nagi's itabag.

Her shirt has the kanji characters 推しが尊い (oshi ga tōtoi). This means "my fave is precious", a common saying among otakus about their favorite characters. Her backpack has a plush, chibi-style keychain of a dark-haired person with a green outfit. Her itabag also sports various rows of round pins depicting the same person in its window. Her itabag also has a heart-shaped pin and a large, chibi style image of her "fave" Tomonami.


"I have so much to live for, so many games to play!"

Nagi is deeply passionate about her pastimes, devoting all of her time and energy to her favorite games. She plays the video game Elegant Strategy and loves the character Tomonami from it. When she is thinking about her favorite character, she is incredibly passionate. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Nagi lives for her hobbies and she wants to return to life so she can read the latest chapter of her game, not mentioning family or friends as a motive, suggesting she is a very lonesome young woman.

Although she seems rather neurotic and a bit "off in her own world" at times, Nagi is quite intelligent and uses a vast vocabulary. Highly perceptive, she is acutely aware of others’ emotions and reading people. She shows disdain and acts coldly toward those she deems superficial and disingenuous, and considers herself an "edgelord".

Nagi is described as being more of a subdued character who can’t assimilate into a social environment as easily as other people.[1] When Nagi is around people that she does not know, she is quite shy.

Nagi speaks in a nerdy manner befitting an otaku, such as calling Rindo "Lord Rindo", referring to people she admires as "His Lordship", and ending her sentences in the Japanese version with 'de gozaru', an extremely polite and archaic copula that is mostly associated with historical or crime genres.[2] In the English version, she uses "'Tis" and "'Twas" frequently.



Very little about Nagi's background is known, although it is known she lives in a college dorm. It is implied she died on her way to get food.[3] When asked about how she died by Fret, Nagi refuses to go into detail. However, it is later revealed that Nagi does not remember dying.

When she entered the Reapers' Game, Nagi knew very little about it, even important information such as how long it lasts. She mentions she came across a Reaper, but she got confused by their explanation.

NEO: The World Ends with You[]

Week One[]

On Day 3, Rindo and Fret first hear about Nagi from other Players, who spread word that a powerful new Player has joined but is not associated with any team yet. There is also a rumor the player has an arsenal of pins, but it is really a half-truth as Nagi's backpack contains merchandise pins. The duo decide to take a risk and spend the day looking to recruit them. Eventually, they come across a disheartened and gloomy Nagi who exhibits borderline suicidal thoughts. Nagi uses Dive into Rindo's mind where she hears a lot of his negative towards her, such as calling her a loose cannon. Rindo's Replay ability is triggered, allowing him to eventually find an ES pin which convinces Nagi to join the Wicked Twisters.

Week Two[]

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Week Three[]

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Nagi using Dive.

Nagi uses a special psych, Dive, to enter into people's minds. It can be used to fight and exterminate the Noise within to bring the afflicted victims back to their senses. During Dive battles, surroundings are different from usual, and the player may encounter Noise with special emotion-based powers. Diving on Normal difficulty or higher will let the player gain rewards based on their battle results.


Wicked Twisters[]

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Nagi notices Fret's easy-going conversational style is a facade, and dislikes him for that.


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Minamimoto reminds Nagi of her favorite character. She acts in an almost fanaticized manner towards him.

Rival Teams[]


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Deep Rivers Society[]

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  • "I fail to see how my lot could get any worse..."
  • "Now, you shall know punishment for hindering my pursuit of happiness. You'll rue the day you mocked me for failing to obtain that ES pin..." (to Rindo)
  • "The whole "Reapers' Game" is detestable. I give it a -200 out of 10!"
  • "Y-you would truly bestow such an incredible gift upon a plebeian wretch like me?" (to Rindo)
  • "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you a thousand times! Were you sent from the heavens?" (to Rindo)
  • "What I wouldn't give to bask in his sublimity once more..." (about Minamimoto)
  • "How incendiary."


  • Nagi was designed by Miki Yamashita.


  3. Nagi (Day 4): "'Twas not my only misfortune, either. There I was: menu researched, order decided, shop location bookmarked..."

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