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Mr. Mew

Mr. Mew (にゃんタン Nyan-tan) is Shiki Misaki's stuffed cat (often referred to as a pig by Neku). He was her first sewing project; Eri and Shiki met while Shiki was making him. While Shiki never parts with him for seemingly sentimental reasons, it is revealed that he is actually a necessity for her survival in the Game. Shiki's psych, Groove Pawn, causes Mr. Mew to sprout claws and attack enemies and he is her only method of combat. While not particularly strong, his attacks are very quick.

In some instances, he is shown to make multiple copies of himself. During her Fusion attacks he transforms, becoming larger and more powerful. Neku's nickname for Mr. Mew is "Piggy". When briefly possessed by the O-
Possessed Mr. Mew
Pin, Shiki continues to use Mr. Mew as her main method of attack, albeit more powerful. She can now duplicate Mr. Mew without Fusion (although she only uses this attack once).

Mr. Mew also appears in the caution notes from Another Day, noting that the story of Another Day is completely separate from the main storyline. He also appears as two wearable items. One as an accessory and another as a full body suit.

Mr. Mew is also the main weapon in Shiki's Level 2 and Level 3 Fusion. The Level 2 Fusion makes Mr. Mew grow and duplicate. He becomes large enough for Neku and Shiki to ride him (he is about twice the Players' size). The Level 3 Fusion makes Mr. Mew grow to gigantic proportions, shooting lasers from his eyes and greatly damaging all enemies in the battlefield.
Mr mew2

Mr. Mew is also seen in the secret ending of The World Ends With You -Solo Remix-. In A New Day, Neku distinctly notices the mysterious girl he saw in his visions holding Mr. Mew.

Non-canon AppearancesEdit

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop DistanceEdit

Shiki in KH3D

Shiki in Dream Drop Distance holding Mr. Mew.

During the Jump Festa 2012 trailer, Shiki is seen holding Mr. Mew while talking to Riku. In the Special February 2012 trailer, a young Master Xehanort was seen kicking Mr. Mew in front of Riku.

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