The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You
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"I’m prepared to help out, of course! The more people working together, the better the résultat."

Motoi Anazawa (穴泽 基威 Anazawa Motoi) is a Player in NEO: The World Ends with You, and the leader of the Purehearts.


Motoi is a large man with tan skin, and dark brown hair and eyes. He wears a dark blue blazer and pants, a white v-neck shirt, a white belt, and dark shoes. He accessories with a simple circle necklace and bracelets on both wrists. He appears to have a white smartwatch on his left wrist. He is often using his laptop, white and with a heart on the back. While his appearance and use of Spanish implies a Spanish or Latino heritage, he is Japanese.


On the surface, Motoi's winning smile and poetic platitudes give off good vibes only, even though his superficiality and frequent use of “fancy” words can rub some people the wrong way. Nevertheless, his magnetic personality has proven quite attractive, amassing him a large number of followers, power and influence. In reality, Motoi is highly manipulative and deceitful, and he is unafraid to kick people while they are already down.

Before his death, Motoi was known as An0ther, not sharing his physical identity online, and ran a blog posting inspirational quotes and poetry. Rindo Kanade would read this blog and look up to An0ther. However, Rindo was unaware that Motoi was using his material from others; Rindo would later accuse Motoi of stealing, although Motoi viewed it more like "recycling" and helping others' works become noticed, even if they were not credited, considering it a "win-win" of sorts that, in the end, still made him and other people like Rindo happy.

At first, it appeared that Motoi was helping Rindo during the Reapers' Game; despite the rivalry between the Purehearts and Wicked Twisters such as needing to defeat other members to control turfs during the Scramble Slams, Motoi and Rindo remain on amiable terms, with Rindo trusting An0ther. However, it is later revealed Motoi was trying to sabotage the Twisters' efforts.



Motoi is an international traveler. It is unclear how Motoi died. It is implied he, along with Kanon and Fuya, have been playing the Reapers' Game for at least seven months with at least 30 loops.

NEO: The World Ends with You[]

Motoi does not have a strong role in the plot until the end of Week 2, Day 6. He ends up being constantly defeated by the target Shoka Sakurane after the Scramble Slam despite Rindo's constant time travels to rescue Motoi. However, in doing so, Rindo realizes that Motoi was there much earlier than he was supposed to, discovering Motoi lied to him in order to try to get a shot at taking down Shoka before any other team. Angered, Rindo and the team prepare to engage Motoi and his team into a fight, and Motoi follows through the reaction with his own defense during their battle.

After the battle, Motoi, while mortified, tried to defend his actions saying all the Reapers' Game was all about survival due to the reality of the gravity of their situation, feeling lying and cheating was justified with their lives on the line. It is also revealed he wanted to become a Reaper, with the approval of Tanzo Kubo who arrives on the scene, and encourages Kubo to demote Shoka for abusing her powers as a Reaper for secretly helping the Twisters the previous day. Kubo is unimpressed by Motoi's inability to defeat Shoka and the Wicked Twisters, but gives Motoi another chance the next day.

On Week 2, Day 7, Motoi texts Rindo an apology for lying to him. He helps the group try to gang up on the Ruinbringers, and stays behind to ensure a defeated Susukichi remain unconscious. However, Susukichi recovered very fast due to being a Reaper and overpowered Motoi. Later, Motoi goes to the rooftop confrontation with Susukichi. Due to the Purehearts being in last place for the week, Motoi and his team are erased by Shiba.


Motoi is a boss who uses his lackeys to help fight for him. His only main attack ability is a Trip Wire, similar to the equivalent player pin; but beware that stepping on these will stun a character as well as causing damage. Be careful about accidentally triggering trip wires while automatically moving into range for an attack.

He can also engage in a chat session with his teammates in order to cover the screen in speech-bubbles. Attacking the Purehearts will cause their speech-bubbles to break and cease obscuring the view of the battlefield.

Eventually, he begins using a "FundMePlz" ability where his lackeys begin "fundraising". A progress bar will be shown on screen, and if the fundraising is completed, Motoi and his team gain a bonus. There are three possibiities: a) a temporary boost in power, b) reinforcements are spawned in, and c) an instant victory for Motoi (only used once). It is important to defeat the fundraisers as soon as possible. Remember that Motoi himself contributes to fundraising even though the "fundraising" tag does not appear over his head, so just attacking the fundraising Purehearts will not defeat the attack.

Time is of the essence during this battle so it is important to not bring in pins that take a long time to reboot. Defeating Motoi himself reduces this battle to a simple one with the remaining Purehearts so it may be a good idea to focus on him as far as possible, although he has a large number of HP.



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The Kanji Ana-Zawa Mo-Toi translate as: Hole, Brilliance, Foundation, Menace. This may refer to the twist of him actually being a danger to Rindo while lying to make himself appear brilliant. The name is also wordplay; Anazawa can be read as ANAZA wa.., meaning "An0ther is.."


  • "Have you forgotten that our very lives are on the line here? If you're not doing whatever it takes to get ahead, you're bound to get left behind."
  • "Only an absolute idiota would trust a total stranger!"


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