"Massive bears with tattoos for arms. The pain they deal is as hardcore as the tats."
— Noise Report

The Mosh Grizzly is a blue-grey grizzly Noise with orange arms in The World Ends with You. Its first appearance is as a storyline boss at the end of Week 1: Day 1.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

Mosh Grizzly has no passive capabilities.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Grizzly Slash: The Mosh Grizzly raises one of its arm, thereafter slashing its target with one of its claws. This attack will also throw any obstacles in the way of the slash; Neku will receive damage from such thrown obstacles if they come in contact with him.
  • Grizzly Back-Slash: When Neku stands in a perimeter behind Mosh Grizzly, it will draw its arm back to perform an underarm back-slash with one of its claws. Like Grizzly Slash, this attack will throw any obstacles in the way and inflict damage to Neku if the obstacles come in contact with him. This attack's execution is faster than Grizzly Slash.


The slow movement speed of this Noise makes dodging its attacks relatively easy. However, the player should, if possible, favor negative (long-ranged) psych pins and stay far away from the Grizzly to minimize the chance of being hit by its attacks at all. Neku's partner should try blocking the Mosh Grizzly's attacks, although it may take some practice to perfect the timing necessary.


The Mosh Grizzly's name is a combination of "mosh" and "grizzly".