Molco is a location in The World Ends With You and -Solo Remix-. It connects to Spain Hill and Cadoi City.

The in game image of Molco


Another DayEdit

Molco is the sign-up location for the Tin Pin Tournament in Another Day. During the preliminary rounds, the tournament is discovered to be an elaborate scam to steal the contestant's pins set up by Uzuki YashiroKoki Kariya and Yodai Higashizawa.


Funky Fashion Sheep Heavenly Edit

Level 3 friendship
  • (Entering the shop) Hiya.
  • (Waiting) Feel Free to try stuff on too
  • (Leave without buying) Thanks!
  • (Upon buying something) Sweet, thanks!
  • (Upon leaving) Thanks! Hope you love it!
  • (Give an ability) That one's wicked hot .

lvl 1 Mus Rattus II Edit

Hello... / I can help you find a specific size / Thank you... / Thank you / Thank you see you again./ That's all we have of that one. I don't know if we get any more in.

lvl 1Tigre Punks Edit

How goes ?/ .... (He's sooo not buying.) /.... (I soooo called that) /Thanks bunches/ Thanks bunches. Later ! Later

lvl 1 D+B Edit

Hey./...... (Window shopping?)/Yeah, later. (Window shopping) /Awright anything else?/ Thanks, man. See you later./Interested? It's pretty wild.

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