While she may not look the part of a villain, Konishi is ranked among the highest in the Reaper hierarchy. She is the one who issues the orders for the missions against Neku and his friends, although she rarely appears before them.
— Game manual description

Mitsuki Konishi (虚西 充妃 Konishi Mitsuki) is a character in The World Ends with You and is an officer of the Reapers.

Main Information[edit | edit source]


The cold and crafty Mitsuki Konishi serves as the Game Master during the Beat chapter, and is one of the most powerful Reapers. At first, she seems only interested in serving the Conductor, Megumi Kitaniji, but she later shows her true colors of being willing to do whatever it takes to climb in the ranks. Her Noise form is Tigris Cantus (ティグリスカンタス Tigurisu Kantasu, Latin for "singing tiger"), a winged tiger-woman.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Konishi at first seems very loyal to the Composer and the Conductor and often demands respect when the Reapers of lower status address them. But this is just a ruse; she's truly very cold and manipulative and will do anything she sees fit to meet her own ends. Because of her passive personality and her relatively cold demeanor, she has gained the nickname "Iron Maiden" (which Beat spitefully warps into "Ironface").

She has little tolerance for idiocy. She will still resort to trickery and mind games to deal with those she considers an annoying. In spite of her calm demeanor throughout the game, this is just appearance as in truth she appears to be short-tempered as before the final confrontation against her in the final day she snaps and attacks Neku and Beat in an enraged state, due to their continued meddling in her plans.

In Another Day[edit | edit source]

Konishi is referred to as Mrs. K in Another Day. Additionally, in Another Day, she appears to be Beat and Rhyme's school teacher.

Story[edit | edit source]

Week 1[edit | edit source]

Konishi appears very rarely throughout the first week. When she does, it is for her daily report to Kitaniji followed by a small discussion about the week's game.

Week 2[edit | edit source]

Konishi plays the same role within this week although she begins to take some action as the week progresses. For one, she is skeptical of Minamimoto as Game Master and tries to figure out what he is planning. She also orders other Reapers to clean up is junk heaps.

Week 3[edit | edit source]

Konishi is given the position of Game Master this week. Konishi plays the game in an incredibly exploitative way. Her strategy is to take every other player as Neku's entry fee, forcing him into a loss. However, she did not account for Beat to quit The Reapers and join him. So she creates a new plan. Now her goal is to give the final mission of The Game on the second day with it being to find and erase her. She then spends the entire game watching Neku and Beat from Beat's shadow where they are unable to find her. Also to prevent them from putting their full focus on finding her, she takes Beat's Rhyme Noise, turns it into a pin and uses it as his entry fee. She creates a illusionary form of herself for Neku and Beat to chase across Shibuya that leads them into a trap. However, she sees that they run into 777. After they defeat him and spare his life, he helps them by giving them his Keypin. Konishi quickly erases him for this.

The following day, gives Game Master privileges to Uzuki and Kariya and she gives a (unbeknownst to them) fake version of the Rhyme pin. She promises that if Uzuki does what Konishi wants, she would receive a promotion. This is all a lie. Konishi's real scheme over the course of the week is to survive the destruction of Shibuya. At the end of the week, this results in her betraying Kitaniji and sideing with the resurrected Sho Minamimoto, reasoning that Kitaniji will either be defeated or be weakened enough from the battle that she can erase him herself. She even states that she doesn't care what happens to Minamimoto, as long as she gets to be Conductor. However, she is soon defeated by Neku and Beat. Before dying she revealed in act of spite that the reason why Rhyme lost her memories wasn't because they were her entry fee, they were Beat's and sadistically taunted Beat with the thought that her sister never really cared for him before dissipating for good.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

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Beat[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Noise Form[edit | edit source]

Konishi's Noise Form, Tigris Cantus

Konishi can transform into a Noise in the form of Tigris Cantus. She is quite powerful in this form, despite having the second lowest attack stat in the game, and can create shadows and clones of herself to attack and defend with, and has the ability to steal Neku's pin deck, leaving him unable to attack. While in her human form she can also hide in shadows, like she does with Beat. This talent is not apparently used by any of the other Reapers. Like the other officer Reapers, she usually conceals her wings.

Battling her Noise form consists of 4 phases.

  • The first phase requires Neku to lure Taboo Noises into the white space in his area to damage Tigris Cantus. Obstacles going into the white space will fly up and damage Beat, while normal Noise going into the white space will heal Tigris Cantus.
  • In the second phase Tigris Cantus' real body will be in one screen while a clone will be in the other. Repeatedly attack her real body to damage her. She can attack by projecting a shadow in a straight line. The clone and boss swap sides whenever Beat completes a chain, allowing Neku to damage her.
  • In the third phase, Tigris Cantus steals all pins, including the Fusion Pin, from Neku. Beat can still attack Tigris Cantus normally, but Neku must continuously run into her shadow to erase the clones she summons on the top screen. She can summon spikes from underneath Neku if she is in his shadow.
  • In the final phase, Neku gains the Rhyme pin. Only several of Tigris Cantus' clones are now visible, while she herself is a speck of yellow light not too easily seen in the white space. She can be tracked, however, by noting the direction of Neku and Beat's shadows: she will act as a light source, and their shadows behave accordingly. She can attack by projecting shadows from all of her clones which fly straight forward. Beat cannot attack the clones, so the best option is to keep him in 'block' position to avoid damage form the upper clones' attacks. When the yellow light is in Neku's area, he must use the Rhyme pin on her, which does damage to her if used fast enough. If after the first 'barrage' of pin uses she is not defeated, she will teleport up to Beat's area and attack from there. She can be forced back down by Beat's block move.

Tin Pin Deck[edit | edit source]

In Another Day, Konishi's pin deck is shown during a Tin Pin match against her, where she is referred to as "Mrs. K". When in battle, she controls three pins at once, though they all use the same deck.

Deck #1:

Pin #1: Tigris | Weight: 4, Spin: 5, KO Length: 4, Stinger x 17, Bomber x 0, Hammer x 5, Hand x 0

Pin #2: Popguin | Weight: 5, Spin: 1, KO Length: 4, Stinger x 8, Bomber x 4, Hammer x 4, Hand x 1

Pin #3: One Stroke, Vast Wealth | Weight: 4, Spin: 1, KO Length: 3, Stinger x 0, Bomber x 7, Hammer x 9, Hand x 0

Tigris, the first pin in Konishi's deck, has no bombers, so you can abuse hammers when the match starts up. Pin 052, Love Charge works especially well, as it's hammer moves fast making it hard to counter, despite the short range.

When defeated, Konishi will reward you with Pin 152, One Stroke, Vast Wealth.

Items[edit | edit source]

The following is all of the Konishi-related items the player can get in the game:

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The kanji for Ko-nishi Mitsu-ki translate literally to: Void, West, fill, queen.

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Non-Canon Appearances[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like the other two Game Masters (Higashizawa and Minamimoto) including Kitaniji, Konishi's name has the kanji affiliated with her noise form hidden inside it. In this case, one of the kanji in her name has one of the radicals that belong to the kanji affiliated with her noise form. (The 虚 (ko) in her name has the same major radical as the kanji for tiger (虎).
  • Konishi's appearance pays homage to Quistis, a playable character from Final Fantasy VIII.
  • Similar to Minamimoto's math jokes and Higashizawa's food references, Konishi often makes references to calculation and strategy and refers to those she considers intellectually inferior (ie: Beat) as "chimps".

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