The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

Mink Noise are a type of Noise in The World Ends With You and -Solo Remix-. All Mink Noise can turn into Twisters and Tornados. Normal Minks have mediocre stats and low HP. All minks take bonus damage from positive psychs and less damage from negative psychs.

The Mink familiy occupies entries 20-23 in the Noise Report.

Noise 20.PNG Noise #20 - Thrash Mink

Noise 21.PNG Noise #21 - Death Thrash Mink

Noise 22.PNG Noise #22 - Grindcore Minks

Noise 23.PNG Noise #23 - Death Metal Mink


Minks are easy to erase in battle, with the exception of the Grindcore Minks. As mentioned previously, most Minks have low stats and HP, so there is no real threat whilst battling them. Their tornado attack, however, is slightly dangerous, and renders them invulnerable. Be sure to check the other screen if a nearly-erased mink keeps turning into an untargetable twister.

Bottom Zone[]

Top Zone[]

Notable Drops[]

The following pins can be dropped from Noise in the Mink family. Pins listed as Exclusive Drops can only be obtained as drops from those Noise.

Exlcusive Drops[]



  • The Mink type Noise are inspired by kamaitachi from Japanese folklore.

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