The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

Mingle Mode is selected from the cell phone menu. During this mode:

  • Nintendo DS's that are also running Mingle Mode will exchange "ESP'er" contacts, and grant you access to the ESP'er's shop from which you may purchase some of their items. Each ESP'er is worth 50 MPP. Also, if you mingle with an ESP'er, you gain some bravery.
    • Also, if you mingle with him/her again, any items from the ESP'er's Shop that were bought will give the Shop-Owner Yen based on the purchases.
  • Any amounts of Nintendo DS systems running any other games with wireless communications (including Pictochat, but not 3DS/DS Download Play) will add a "Civvies" contact, but they will have no special value. If you were to have come across a DS Download Station in certain stores, or use the Wii's Nintendo Channel to send a DS demo while in Mingle Mode will trigger a Civvie contact. Also, some games on the Wii that take advantage of using a DS in any way (such as Pokémon Battle Revolution's ability to transfer items to the DS and use it as a controller or the Mii Channel option to transfer a Mii to the DS) can count as Civvies too. Each Civvie is worth 20 MPP.
  • "Alien" contacts are mysterious. As far as it has been tested, wireless devices such as cellphones, Wii Remotes, the PSP Browser, wireless PC Routers, and even the Solo Remix will not trigger Alien contacts when in contact with a DS. Aliens can also appear in environments which couldn't possibly contain wireless signals (emulators, wireless disabled on a 3DS, etc). This seems to suggest that they simply appear at random, as an alternative measure for players who can't possibly find the other types of contact anywhere. Each Alien is worth 100 MPP.

All the points gained during Mingle Mode are added to the player's equipped deck, but those points are lost if the battery dies during wireless communications. For this reason the game includes a setting to automatically quit Mingle Mode should the battery begin to run too low.

Solo Remix[]

In Solo Remix, Mingle Mode uses Bluetooth to connect to other devices. Unfortunately the connection of Android and iOS is not possible as of version 1.0.1 (Android), and Version 1.2.1 (iOS). The reason is probably due to Apple's restrictions on Bluetooth.

Solo Remix's Changes[]

  • Solo Remix trades Friend Cards One-At-a-Time
  • With the addition to the Friend Card system, Friend Shops have been removed. This means that you may no longer buy some Pins or certain Clothing Items in a shop that your friends created with Mingle Mode.

Final Remix[]

Mingle Mode was removed in Final Remix and replaced with Co-op Mode.