It takes lightning reflexes to evade the bang these hedgehog Noise pack in their giant quills.
— Noise Report

The Metal Corehog is a grey corehog boss Noise with crimson-red and black quills in The World Ends with You. It appears at the end of Week 1: Day 2 when Uzuki Yashiro summons it to fight Neku and Shiki at the Statue of Hachiko.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

Metal Corehog has no passive capabilities.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Explosive Quills: The Metal Corehog fires its quills into the air, which land at the player's location; a crosshair will appear on the ground to indicate where exactly. Although the quills will not initially do any damage, after flashing a few times they explode, damaging the player. Neku can easily dash away from the quills to avoid this, but his partner (excluding Joshua, who can avoid them with his levitation ability) must attack and destroy them to avoid being damaged.
  • Quill Wall: The Metal Corehog turns its back to the player then expands its quills, causing damage upon contact.


The Metal Corehog is joined by two Garage Wolves for the fight against it. In order to make the battle much easier, the player should concentrate on erasing the Garage Wolves before focusing on the Metal Corehog with negative (long-ranged) psychs like Pyrokinesis. Destroying the Noise's quills before they explode is also advised.


The Metal Corehog's name is a play on "metalcore" and "hedgehog".

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