"Come get some hot stuff!"
— Makoto's sales pitch

Makoto Miki (三木 真 Miki Makoto) ("Mick") is the owner of Shadow Ramen. His first appearance in is in Week 1, Day 4.

He appears a couple times in Week 2, and possibly may run Shadow Ramen in Week 3. If Neku makes frequent purchases from Shadow Ramen (or, more accurately, frequent purchases of Shadow Steak Ramen, because it's the only item sold there that isn't a quest item), Makoto begins to nervously suspect that Neku is hitting on him, thus making him the only shopkeeper who seems to act less friendly as his friendship level increases.

Story[edit | edit source]

Week 1[edit | edit source]

Makoto begins the story as a regular civilian who works in advertising. He is a friend of Ai and Mina; Ai has a crush on him, but he seems unaware of this. At work, he becomes a nervous, pessimistic wreck, a simple employee whose jobs include watching and shaping the trends. In accordance with his job, he tries to keep up with popular things such as Tin Pin, but tends to give up easily. Because of this, the duties he is given seem to be impossible -- one of which is to popularize the Red Skull pin, setting off events that dominate the game near the end. However, with the help of Neku and Shiki, Makoto is able to shape the pin's popularity in his favor.

Week 2[edit | edit source]

Mick W2.png

After his initial success, he completely changes his personality, becoming more dominant and much more ruthless, as seen by his taunting and manipulation of Ken Doi and Eiji Oji. He makes a show of quitting his job, worrying his already-unstable boss, and starts up Shadow Ramen. Makoto becomes a very important pawn of Megumi Kitaniji, and single-handedly gets just under half of Shibuya to wear the pins by Chapter 2, Day 6. However, he too has a crisis of conscience once he is forced to shut down his store and reverts to his original timid personality, and the player is compelled to decide whether he should do things his own way.

Week 3[edit | edit source]

As owner of the re-opened Shadow Ramen

On Chapter 3, Day 3, Makoto's boss sees his current state and tries to come up with advice for Makoto's future with Reaper Creeper. If you choose "I can't decide this for him", Makoto's boss will give a meaningful speech to Makoto and Shadow Ramen will be reopened. However, if you choose to play and choose white, Makoto's boss will say that he needs more white, and Shadow Ramen will stay closed like with the Black Choice. Though however, choosing black is required for the day's secret report.

Name[edit | edit source]

Makoto is a unisex name, much like Kitaniji's. The kanji for Mi-ki Makoto translate literally to: Three, tree, true. Makoto Naruke is a director of Square Enix, so the character's name could be a reference to him.


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