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Lightning Arrester is a negative psych found on three pins. It is activated by touching an empty space, but like other pins that use this activation, it may also be activated by directly touching an enemy. Neku will fire a lightning bolt in the direction of where the stylus was touched. The main feature of this psych is that the bolt may be aimed directly above or below Neku. Lightning Arrester pins are categorized under B class.


The main star of this psych is Lightning Rook, which deals 4 hits per use while having 55% efficiency, which is higher efficiency than most other multi-hit psychs. Lightning Rook cannot be canceled during the activation; all 4 hits will be attempted before another use is allowed. The multi-hit and non-canceling abilities of Lightning Rook makes it one of the best pins in the game when Neku does not hold the puck.

The other Lightning Arrester pins deal less hits per use, so they are generally avoided.

Remix Edit

Lightning Arrester was significantly buffed in Solo/Final Remix. All pins now have 2N+1 hits per use, where N is the number of hits in DS. Lightning Rook deals 9 hits instead of 4, and is the most powerful offensive pin in the game.

Electric Warning vs. Lightning Rook (DS) Edit

Electric Warning may first appear to be more powerful than Lightning Rook because it fires two bolts and has higher pin ATK. However, these two bolts come out of Neku in a "V" shape, which makes it difficult to aim. In addition, Lightning Rook can hit an enemy up to four times per use, while Electric Warning only hits an enemy once per use.

Lightning Rook vs. Excalibur (DS)Edit

Excalibur will deal slightly more damage at any base ATK and will always hit multiple targets in the hands of a skilled player, but only hits two times per use if the player does not cancel its activation. This is inferior to Lightning Rook's quadruple hit ability, so only in circumstances where Neku is an awkward position will Excalibur prove to be more useful.

Lightning Rook vs. Black Jupiter [set] (DS)Edit

By using an SOS setup, Lightning Rook is comparable in damage to Black Jupiter. However, Black Jupiter under Cosmic SOS will leave most other pins behind by a very large margin.


# Name Brand Cls Psych Spec Power Eff ATK200 Uses Lasts Boot Reboot Info
Pin 075c075Electric WarningMus Rattus B N Lightning Arrester T Attack 130551823 uses02.5Touch empty space and Neku will launch two bolts of lightning in that direction. Inflicts damage on contact.
Pin 187c187Thunder RookPegaso B N Lightning Arrester T Attack 92551612 uses09Touch empty space and Neku will fire lightning in that direction. Inflicts damage on contact.
Pin 188c188Lightning RookPegaso B N Lightning Arrester T Attack 104551673 uses04.8Touch empty space and Neku will fire lightning in that direction. Inflicts damage on contact.
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