The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

"Minamimoto's Noise form. When he starts his combo rush, keep running and wait for an opening!"
— Noise Report

Leo Cantus (レオカンタス Reo Kantasu, Latin for "singing lion") is the final boss of Week 2 and Sho Minamimoto's Noise form in The World Ends with You.



Part 1[]

Prior to the Leo Cantus battle, Sho Minamimoto will appear at the very center of the top screen, making it impossible to attack him. When he sends out Taboo Noise, Joshua should immediately take advantage of them to max out his fusion. After defeating two or three waves of Taboo Noise, Sho Minamimoto becomes vulnerable to attacks. He will attack with shuriken stars. Neku and Joshua should not use any direct attacks, because he teleports away whenever he is touched with the stylus; instead Neku should use area attacks such as Vortex Saber or Pyrokinesis. When Sho goes to Joshua's screen, send him up and attack Minamimoto some more.

During the whole fight, Sho sends out Taboo noise to deal with either Neku or Joshua. They should be used to keep the light puck going.

Part 2[]

Once enough damage is done, Sho Minamimoto becomes Leo Cantus. He behaves mostly the same with the exception of new methods of attacking. Leo Cantus will often kick Neku and Joshua as well as charge at them. He also occasionally picks up Joshua and slams him on the ground. So you should use the same strategy except for two things:

  • First, he's very easy to dodge with Joshua. Just go up, then down, and repeat until the player see's an opening.
  • Second, Leo Cantus behaves like a Taboo Noise, in that you can deal almost no damage to him without the light puck. Now it really becomes crucial to keep it going.

Another Strategy is to always be on the opposite part of the screen with Joshua, (when Leo Cantus is on the ground, levitate and attack and when he is in the air, go on the ground and use your normal moves) and keep attacking until he moves up or down, but you have to be quick, especially when his HP is below 50%.

Another Strategy to beat the first half of Leo Cantus (before he gets to half health) is to get him on bottom screen with Neku, and have Joshua beat all enemies except one on top screen. If it's a crab, if you don't attack, there is no way for the crab to hit you! Provided Neku didn't damage the last enemy very much, Neku can wait until the light puck expires (or not if the player want to risk killing the last enemy), and attack the enemy to pass the light puck to Neku so he can hit Leo Cantus. Then, on bottom screen, if Neku stays a little in front of his kicks, he will kick in place for a while, leaving the player open to attack with ranged pins. Pins with the Teleport psych (ie: First Gear) are also good for dodging Leo Cantus's attacks, or keeping up with him when he teleports.

Note that defeating all the Taboo Noise on the other screen will force Minamimoto to revert to his reaper form, after which he will summon more Noise and eventually transform back into Leo Cantus, typically after switching screens.


  • Leo is Latin for Lion.
  • Leo's HP is 3141, which is the first four digits of pi.