Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, also known simply as Kingdom Hearts 3D, is a game in the Kingdom Hearts series also published by Square Enix. It features several characters remodeled from The World Ends With You, and also includes remixes of some of the game's iconic tracks.

Traverse TownEdit

Traverse Town is the only World in the game to feature The World Ends With You characters as a main story plot.


In Sora's story, Sora meets Neku, and Neku soon tells Sora that he is in a Game. With a timer on the palm of his hand. Neku and Sora are soon attacked by strange creatures, and Neku introduces the new enemies and party members of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, The Dream Eaters. Sora then confronts a Figure in Black, where Neku attempts to protect Sora. Neku claims that if he were to bring Sora to the Figure in Black, he would in return go back home.


In Riku's story, Riku meets Shiki and Beat. Shiki is looking for her partner, Neku, and Beat is looking for Rhyme.

Tracks featured in KH3DEdit


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