The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is a Nintendo 3DS game in the Kingdom Hearts series published by Square Enix.

It was later ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC as part of the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue collection under the name Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD.

It features several characters remodeled from The World Ends With You, and also includes remixes of some of the game's iconic tracks.

Traverse Town[]

Traverse Town is the only world in the game to feature The World Ends With You characters. It is a sleeping world and Sora and Riku are tasked with awakening it via its sleeping keyhole.

Originally, The World Ends With You characters were from Shibuya. But after facing erasure, Joshua gathered the last remnants of their souls and, using Rhyme's dreams, brought them to Traverse Town in hopes to find a way to get them back home. When Sora and Riku arrive for their Mark of Mastery Exam, Joshua is looking for Rhyme

Traverse Town itself is split into two grounds as one version is inside of Sora's dreams. That second version is the one Riku visits.

Sora's First Visit[]

In Sora's story, Sora first meets Neku, and Neku soon tells Sora that Neku is in a Game. With a timer on the palm of his hand. Neku tells Sora that he needs to find his partner and leads Sora through the town. Neku and Sora are soon attacked by strange creatures, and Neku introduces the new enemies and party members of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, the Dream Eaters. Neku leads Sora to Young Xehanort. Young Xehanort offered to return Neku to Shibuya if he could bring him Sora. Young Xehanort attempts to attack Sora but Neku defends him as that wasn't part of the original agreement.

Sora mysteriously falls asleep and when he awoke both Neku and the figure in black are gone. Sora meets Rhyme who reveals she lost her memory. Sora, thinking Rhyme could be Neku's partner, takes Rhyme with him to find Neku. When they do find him, Neku asks Sora if he can still trust him. Sora confirms that he will and asks if Rhyme is Neku's partner. Suddenly, Rhyme is teleported away by Joshua.

Young Xehanort appears before them and Neku goes into attack him but is swiftly knocked away. Young Xehanort summons a Dream Eater, Hockomonkey to battle Sora before departing. When Sora defeats him, Rhyme is returned with Joshua and he explains the nature of the split Traverse Town as he shows them visions of Riku, Beat, and Shiki.

Riku's First Visit[]

In Riku's story, Riku first meets Joshua who tasks Riku with finding Rhyme. As they look for her, they are attacked by Beat who was offered to erase Joshua. Beat was promised that if he did, both him and Rhyme would return to Shibuya. Beat uses Dream Eaters to attack Riku since he's powerless without a partner. Upon defeat, Riku mysteriously falls asleep.

When Riku wakes up, Joshua and Beat are gone and he sees Shiki getting attacked by Dream Eaters. When he helps her, she leads him to Young Xehanort. Shiki was under agreement to lure Riku to him. Upon arrival, She feels remorse for her decisions and Beat arrives to reveal Young Xehanort was masquerading as a Reaper. Young Xehanort summons Hockomonkey to attack Riku and leaves. When Riku defeats it, Joshua shows them visions of Sora, Neku, Rhyme, and himself.

Afterward, Joshua thanks Sora and Riku for their help, sprouts wings, and flies away. Sora and Riku find a keyhole and continue on their journey.

Sora's Second Visit[]

Neku, Shiki, Beat, and Rhyme begin to receive missions again. Now that they are together in the same plane, they are able to fight the Dream Eaters. They were tasked with defeating the Dream Eater, Spellican, but Joshua knew they couldn't beat it on their own so he summoned Sora and Riku to help. When Sora arrives, Joshua informs him of the missions and what the Reapers' Game is and tells him to go and find Neku.

After Sora meets up with Neku and Shiki, they agree to trap Spellican in the Third District. But before they do that, Neku stops Joshua asking if when they return to Shibuya, Joshua will be there as well. Joshua does not give a clear answer, but thanks Neku. When Sora arrives at the Third District, he is forced to fight Hockomonkey as well as two other Dream Eaters, Wargoyle and Chill Clawbster. After defeating them, Spellican escapes to another world, so Sora goes after it alone. Just before Sora departs, Shiki and Neku invite Sora to come to Shibuya someday.

Riku's Second Visit[]

When Riku arrives, Joshua informs Riku of the mission and asks him to help Beat and Rhyme who are fighting Spellican. But before he leaves, Joshua theorizes with Riku on the nature of the two Traverse Towns. When Rhyme and Shiki crossed over, they had different times left on their timers than their partners. Joshua notes that must mean the two are separate worlds, or one is a reimagining of the same world. This hints at Riku being within Sora's dreams.

Riku meets up with Beat and Rhyme and is able to chase Spellivan to the third district, where it disappears into the ground where Sora is. Riku then departs trusting that Sora will defeat the Dream Eater.

Tracks Featured[]



  • There are various callbacks to the original game in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.
    • Neku tells Sora that he "can't afford to lose" much like he tells Joshua the same during the second week.
      • Joshua even says to Neku "But Neku, I thought you couldn't afford to lose. Give up on yourself and you give up on the world." This is a line directly from the end of the second week.
    • The loading icon for the world is a Reaper symbol.
    • In the Fountain Plaza, CAT's mural can be found.
    • In the Fourth District, there is a minigame called Flick Rush. One of the tournaments is called the Tin Pin Cup. Its opponents are 777, BJ, Tenho, and Minamimoto.
  • Neku's Dream Eater is Necho Cat. This is a reference to his affinity for the artist, CAT.
  • There are two Dream Eaters based off of characters from The World Ends With You. They are Sudo Neku (based on Neku) and Beatalike (based on Beat)