The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You
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"Well then, I wish you the best of luck! :D"
— Kaie to Rindo and Fret

Kaie Ono (小野 解依 Ono Kaie) is a Reaper in NEO: The World Ends with You, and is one of the elite Shinjuku Reapers. While he does special tasks such as data and system management for the Reapers' Games, he usually runs a digital fortune-telling shop on Spain Hill. He communicates using his phone and is the developer of the Reaper Networking Service app.


Kaie has chin-length black hair covering his ears and green eyes. His eyes appear to have some dark bags, making him look sleep-deprived. He wears a black hat with a pink circle which is surrounded by smaller grey circles. The motif also appears on his black jacket. He wears a blue necklace, a blue beaded bracelet and a silver bracelet on his right wrist, and a pink beaded bracelet on his left wrist. His loose undershirt is dark grey and has light grey vertical stripes. He wears long baggy black pants which rise above his knees, a pink beaded bracelet on his right ankle, and black loafers.


Outwardly, Kaie is a very expressionless and silent person, preferring to communicate via text than speech due to it being more comfortable to him and feeling it prevents miscommunications. Near the end of the game, Kaie begins talking with voiceover, although his text bubbles are still present and he is still seen looking at his phone, suggesting he is now reading his texts out loud. He has a stutter, possibly implying one reason he texts is to avoid embarrassment, but him speaking suggests he has grown the courage to overcome it.

In text, Kaie is extremely talkative and knowledgeable, showing a cheerful and caring side. Kaie likes helping Players, shown when he explained and answered questions about the Reapers' Game from Rindo and Fret. He also adds a ":3" after telling them they are trapped in Shibuya, which is likely his way of trying to calm them down.



Kaie is one of the survivors of Shinjuku's Inversion.

At some point in time, he began communicating with Raimu "Rhyme" Bito.

NEO: The World Ends with You[]

Kaie first appears on the second day of NEO: The World Ends with You at the Scramble Crossing near Hachiko. He installs the RNS app onto Rindo and Fret's phones, and introduces himself to Rindo. If talked to after his introduction, he can speak about the RNS, walls, scanning, and Noise.


Kaie is a good programmer, based off the fact he helped develop the Reaper Networking Service app. He is knowledgeable about the Reapers' Game and the UG.


小野 Ono is surname from an archaic word for field. Individually, the kanji mean small and field. The kanji in 解依 Kaie mean answer/understanding and depend on.


  • "Salutations! It is I, the man standing before you. ;)"
  • "Oh, you wound me! Although you are not mistaken. XD"
  • "As it were, I am the developer of the new application you just downloaded. It will serve many uses throughout your missions ;) For instance, it can act as an answer sheet, as it shall for today's challenge. Solve the riddle via the app once you have collected enough clues. :)"
  • "Oh dear, you're making me blush! :3 ...It was a figure of speech. :|"
  • "Ah... That's a bit different, I'm afraid. :/ To put it bluntly, you Players are all trapped here in Shibuya. The game is in session. No one can leave until it is over. :3"
  • "To scan is to enter into a state of total concentration. Close your eyes, still your mind, and focus your senses. Then, you will see the unseeable. :O"


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