The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

"Aaand so it begins! Black's played their disc, White to move! Every region is yours for the taking! It's flip or get flipped - erase or face erasure! That's how you play the Game! A minute to pick up, a lifetime to perfect... Don't sweat it too much: ya ain't gonna get it right the first time around, so just play the game and keep it louuud! And if I see ya discs tryin' to make any quiet moves... I'll break the board in two."
— Susukichi to Rindo and Fret.

Kaichi Susuki (周々木 鹿一 Susuki Kaichi), nicknamed Susukichi (ススキチ Susukichi) is a Player in NEO: The World Ends with You, and a member of the Ruinbringers.


Susukichi is a very large man with a larger upper body than lower body. He has short blonde hair with sideburns. His eyes are a very pale light brown. He is shown to have some sort of black tattoo on his right arm. He wears a backwards white cap and a black t-shirt with a deer skull not too dissimilar from a Noise symbol. He wears grey shorts with white vertical stripes on them and white sneakers. He accessorizes with golden chains around his neck with a padlock on it and gold chains on his left wrist.


While his impressive physique gives off an intimidating air, Susukichi is actually a bit of a chatterbox, rambling in his surprisingly high voice. He can be extremely competitive and boastful towards Players weaker than him, like how he first treated Rindo and Fret.

Susukichi loves the board game Reversi and speaks and thinks in its competitive, possessive, black-and-white nature. He can't handle any "grey"-line of thinking that happens to challenge his worldview. He carries the game's discs with him and often calls other players "discs".



Very little of Susukichi's history is known, other than that he is a Shinjuku Reaper. It is likely he became a Reaper when he was 19 years old.

NEO: The World Ends with You[]

Susukichi first appears on the first day, explaining some aspects of the Game to Rindo and Fret. Throughout the week, he keeps an eye on them, often taunting the Wicked Twisters around the city. He is the boss of the first week and is defeated by the Wicked Twisters with the help of a mysterious figure who Susukichi believes to be Neku Sakuraba. Shiba Miyakaze takes notice and dubs the Ruinbringers the winners of the week, criticizing the Wicked Twisters for resorting to third-party aid, despite that they don't know the figure is. Shiba forces the four remaining teams to go another week.

During week 2, Susukichi remains competitive. On Day 7, when the Wicked Twisters decide to attempt overthrowing the Ruinbringers, he is fought again as a boss and is believed to be defeated as he faints, with Motoi Anazawa volunteering to stay behind to keep an eye on him. However, it turns out later he recovered with all his strength, with Motoi mentioning it was unnatural as if Susukichi is not even human. It is revealed that all the Ruinbringers are Reapers.

On Week 3, Day 6, Susukichi talks to the Wicked Twisters, curious about the legendary Neku Sakuraba. Susukichi offers them a side-mission where he will reveal Shiba's location if they find them, and Shoka pressures the group to agree. He gets them trapped in the Shibuya River area, although Rindo un-dos this using Replay. The group finds Susukichi at the Expressway Underpass where they defeat his Noise form. Susukichi tells them he underestimated their power and implores them to defeat Shiba who no longer cares about anyone else. Susukichi also thought he could defeat Shiba himself. Shoka asks Susukichi why he kept his plans to himself since they were already against Shiba anyway, and he replies that he did not think he would lose to them before he could make a plan. It is also revealed Susukichi was trying to protect the Wicked Twisters before, intending to protect them in the Shibuya River. Susukichi then fades from existence.




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周々木 Susuki means "circumference, circumference, tree", most likely referencing his love for Reversi. 鹿一 Kaichi is made from the kanji for deer and -ichi, a male name ending. The kanji for deer and tree being in his name could be a parallel to Tsugumi Matsunae, which roughly means "thrush on a pine seedling". However, the deer also references his Noise form.

His nickname, Susukichi, is derived from adding the -ichi name ending of his given name to his family name. (Susuki Kaichi)


  • "You kids must be the newbies! Oooh, fresh outta the box, ain't ya?"
  • "Ya just couldn't help yourselves, could ya? Shoulda made a quiet move and teamed up with a pro... ...instead of paintin' a big ol' target on your backs."
  • "Ya start in last place, ya get stuck down there, and before ya know it, ya get erased! You're one hell of a poison disc, bro!"
  • "Hah! You discs don't even know what game you're playin'! I'd say it's only a matter of time 'til somebody sweeps ya. Won't be us, though - not yet at least, seein' as you're startin' so far behind."
  • "Aaand so it begins! Black's played their disc, White to move! Every region is yours for the taking! It's flip or get flipped - erase or face erasure! That's how you play the Game! A minute to pick up, a lifetime to perfect... Don't sweat it too much: ya ain't gonna get it right the first time around, so just play the game and keep it louuud! And if I see ya discs tryin' to make any quiet moves... I'll break the board in two."
  • "I ain't got any weaknesses. Or maybe I do... Nothin' makes me madder... than when punks ask me questions that ain't got no answers!"


  • It is mentioned by the character designer Gen Kobayashi that Susukichi's love for Reversi is reflected in his monochromatic outfit.
  • The line "A minute to pick up, a lifetime to perfect.." is similar to the marketing slogan used for Parker Brothers Othello sets: "A minute to learn, a lifetime to master." (Which was actually originally "Five minutes.." and said by Zach Braff about Texas Hold-Em Poker.)
  • An early meme associated Susukichi with a quote from wrestler Scott Steiner about his three-way match at TNA Sacrifice 2008. This was sufficiently popular that a version of the speech was recorded by Max Udell, Susukichi's VA.[1]
  • The battle of Susukichi's final Noise form is likely a major shoutout to the Yodai Higashizawa Ovis Cantus boss fight, with it even raining to complete the mood.
  • The game that Susukichi plays may in fact be Othello, not Reversi. The two are often confused, but Reversi is an older game which was superseded by Othello and is no longer played at tournament level. Reversi has different rules for the starting position (Othello uses a fixed position, Reversi allows players to choose) and the end of the game (Othello ends when neither player can move, Reversi ends when one player cannot move), plus the potential giveaway: Othello introduced the tradition of using monochrome pieces. Reversi sets were made using any two colours.


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