Beginning in Solo Remix, Joshua's attacks were tied to the newly introduced Partner Pin. When no Fusion is available, this pin is displayed in place of the Fusion Pin in the top right corner of the screen, and with the exception of Co-op mode from Final Remix, a gauge is used to indicate how many uses remain.

Unlike Neku's other partners, Joshua's Partner Pin undergoes significant changes after obtaining the (S) Levitate sticker. As such, some pin stats will be divided between the function before and after obtaining this sticker.

Pin StatsEdit

  • Before obtaining Levitate, the pin's attack power is determined by adding 35 points to Joshua's attack statistic. After obtaining Levitate, the attack power is determined by adding 37 points to Joshua's attack statistic.
  • The pin starts with 14 uses. This is increased almost immediately to 18 uses after obtaining (S) Gauge Extender Joshua.
  • The initial boot and reboot times are about 4 seconds and 10 seconds, respectively. After obtaining (S) Quick Boot Joshua, these values are reduced to about 3 seconds and 8 seconds, respectively. There does not appear to be any change to these values after obtaining Levitate.
  • Before obtaining Levitate, the efficiency of the pin's attacks varies depending on the item dropped. Items are classified into 6 tiers of increasing power, with the 6th and highest damaging tier only being usable after obtaining (S) Heavy Hitter. The tier of items Joshua drops grows as his attacks connect with enemies. Go too long without attacking, and the sequence will reset. The following table lists the efficiencies and items for each tier.
Item(s) Efficiency
Parking sign, no entry sign, yellow barricade 50%
Blue/yellow bicycle 55%
"WOW" ad sign 60%
Blue motorcycle 65%
Vending machine 70%
White minivan, red pickup 75%
  • After obtaining (S) Levitate, Joshua's prior attack style is completely replaced with new moves and new efficiencies. His new attack style features three types of attacks: a basic beam of light (65% efficiency), a larger beam that has small angelic figures surrounding it (80% efficiency), and a powerful finisher featuring twin angels wielding large spears that hit the entire screen (97% efficiency). Similar to the earlier combo, the more powerful moves are accessed as Joshua lands successful hits. Unlike the earlier combo, it takes fewer hits to maximize the damage tier, but in exchange the attack tier resets after using the finisher.
  • Both methods of attacking are activated by slashing downwards. Joshua's techniques, with the exception of his Levitation finisher, are manually aimed, always striking the area at the endpoint of the slash (as opposed to many of Neku's psychs which are aimed by slashing across to the target).
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