The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

Jellies are a type of Noise. Noise #29-#32 are in this family.

Noise 29.PNG Noise #29 - Jelly Madchester

Noise 30.PNG Noise #30 - Jelly Swechno

Noise 31.PNG Noise #31 - Jelly Neocoustic

Noise 32.PNG Noise #32 - Jelly Germanic


During battle, Jellies attack by sending lightning bolts to each other. If Neku gets hit, damage is dealt to him. Those who received lightning bolts soon after clone themselves, which may result in a Jelly Madchester/Swechno for a Madchester or a Jelly Neocoustic/Germanic for a Jelly Neocoustic. Jelly Neocoustics/Germanics also can attack by grabbing Neku by their big tentacle, then draining HP. Jellies can extend their arms, then drift around, causing damage and possibly immobilization. The Jelly Swechnos and Jelly Germanics cannot multiply. Jellies are often contained in the shark-mouth noise symbols during Joshua's week. The second split forms have the same amount of health as their counterparts (610 and 980) and the same weakness/resistance. The "mutants" give more EXP for their defeat, and hold different pins. You should attack the jelly madchester/neocoustic first because if you defeat them, no more jellies can be spawned. But you might want them to spawn jellies to get some more EXP. This might be risky since the more jellies you have, the bigger chance you might get hit by their lightning pass attack since they "pass" deadly bolts of lightning through every jelly.

Bottom Zone[]

Top Zone[]

Notable Drops[]

The following pins can be dropped from Noise in the Jelly family. Pins listed as Exclusive Drops can only be obtained as drops from those Noise.

Exclusive Drops[]


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