The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

An interruption is when an action made by either a playable character or an enemy is stopped in the process.

Examples include:

  • Joshua attacks by following arrows on his combo map, but the map disappears before the combo is complete because an enemy moved to the other side of his screen, meaning there are no more enemies at the active side.
  • Neku uses a Cure Drink, but the pin doesn't activate because of enemy attack.

Interrupts occur in the following cases:

  • When moving (e.g., cure drink would not activate if Neku moves) -- for the duration of movement
  • When immobilized -- for the duration of the effect
  • When damaged by an attack -- until Neku/partner stops cringing.
  • When thrown into the air -- for the duration of being in the air, even if Neku or his partner "Safe Land"
  • When pushed by an obstacle (even if no damage is dealt) -- for the duration of the movement
  • If target of the action disappears (e.g., no enemies left on the relevant side of the top screen) -- for the instant of the disappearance
    • by moving away (e.g., to the other side of the screen)
    • by temporary invisibility
    • by dying
  • When using a Fusion Attack -- Until the Fusion Attack ends

Note that moving, of course, does not interrupt those actions where the movement is actually a part of the action (e.g., a Dash by Neku).