The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You
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Imprinting is a method of contact between the Underground and the Realground. It features as both and a gameplay mechanic in The World Ends with You.


Imprinting requires no physical manifestation in the UG, and can be performed by anyone with a vibe equal to or higher than a Player. An imprinter can confer thought onto a person in the RG, which they parse as a burst of Inspiration. Sanae Hanekoma considers it "unreliable at best" due to how imprinting needs to be interpreted by the imprintee, and might not reach them. However, he still uses imprinting in his works as CAT, because art can be a medium for mass imprinting: his art is imbued with two command codes, "Enjoy the moment more", strengthening viewers' Imagination, and "Gather", calling to those with strong Imagination. Megumi Kitaniji imprinted on the Red Skull Pins he spread throughout Shibuya during the Long Game to make people bend to his will of turning Shibuya into a hivemind.


In The World Ends with You, imprinting is a game mechanic used to influence people of the RG. Imprinting can only be done when an RG person starts to think about something related to solving the mission, and the Player has at least one meme on hand. This may not always be the correct meme, as the Player can encounter several, but when it is, it will advance the mission and the plot. Imprinting is a mechanic in Week 1, Day 3, Week 1, Day 5, Week 1, Day 6, and Week 2, Day 3