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:''Coming soon''<!--neku has a vision of her. she had mr mew in hand. neku got shot before he could meet her and seems to be the only survivor of shinjuku's inversion. joshua and hanekoma suggest she may be responsible for neku's visions-->
:In [[A New Day]], she is seen wandering the streets of Shinjuku as the city is Inverted.
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This article contains information pertaining exclusively to The World Ends with You: Final Remix.

Hype-Chan is a fan-given name to an unnamed character that appears at the end of Solo Remix. She also appears in A New Day, an epilogue created for the Nintendo Switch port: The World Ends With You: Final Remix.

Solo Remix Unknown
Hype-chan remix-teaser


She appears to be a mixture of all of the main characters; Her red skirt and white button-up shirt she wears reminiscences Beat (his white tank top with a red one under it); she has headphones like Neku Sakuraba; she has a plush alike to Shiki's Mr. Mew; her eyes and posture are similar to Rhyme. Her hair color reminds of Joshua.


Hype-chan is seen after watching the Secret Ending of Solo Remix, which will earn the "A New Shibuya" Achievement after leaving the photo.

A New Day

In A New Day, she is seen wandering the streets of Shinjuku as the city is Inverted.
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