The Holy Field is an Ability Psych that only works when one has the complete Eden set in their Pin Deck. The Pins are: One Jump from Eden, One Skip from Eden, One Hop from Eden, One Step from Eden, and Eden's Door. The pins have little effect on their own (1 level each of Puck Power and Faster Puck), but once you have all 5 equipped, the very potent main effect is activated:

When all five of the pins are equipped, the Light Puck begins at a 5X Multiplier, travels almost instantly between you and your partner, and lasts for an insane amount of time. If Neku has the puck, he will become invincible to all enemy attacks until the Light Puck is passed to his partner or it fades away; it does nothing to Neku's partner short of the standard puck effects.

In Solo Remix and Final Remix, the set works differently:

  • The effect doesn't activate unless the set is complete.
  • All CC hits by Neku and his partner are blazing.
  • Neku has the equivalent of CC Faster Sync 4 and CC Boost 40. CC hits will deal 330% damage and raise sync rate by 7%.
  • After Neku lands a CC hit, he will have a glowing invincibility shield around him that lasts for 4 seconds. Additional CC hits will refresh the shield.

There are five levels of the Holy Field psych, numbered I through V, each corresponding to the evolutionary level of the pin. They evolve via Battle PP to the next level. Eden's Door, the final pin, will (d)evolve into One Jump from Eden - in the Japanese version, it instead turns into a 1 Yen pin, a painful punishment for those who don't know of it. To utilize them fully and maintain a set, fill them up with Shutdown PP or Mingle PP so that they don't evolve.

Each pin contains a fragment of both a tale and an image. The image is of the CAT mural painted on the Trail of the Judged (between the Dead God's Pad and the Room of Reckoning). It is possible this mural has some connection to Tigris Cantus, in that it is of a large yellow cat of some kind. The five pins are pictured below:

Pin 222 Pin 223 Pin 224 Pin 225 Pin 226

# Name Brand Cls Psych Spec Power Eff ATK200 Uses Lasts Boot Reboot Info
Pin 222c222One Jump from EdenGatito - A Holy Field I ---0---The pin reads: "A lamenting goddess left this prophecy for the five warring kingdoms below: that their world would end in blackest sun-fire."
Pin 223c223One Skip from EdenGatito - A Holy Field II ---0---The pin reads: "Yet her prophecy held hope. The goddess promised to all living things, great and small, a saving Light to ward off their doom."
Pin 224c224One Hop from EdenGatito - A Holy Field III ---0---The pin reads: "But the five kings would not believe her. So one sought strength and found futility; so another sank in mindless wisdom."
Pin 225c225One Step from EdenGatito - A Holy Field IV ---0---The pin reads: "In the end, the kings' delusions led them to a chamber of reckoning, where their unspent chaos brought fear and woe to all."
Pin 226c226Eden's DoorGatito - A Holy Field V ---0---The pin reads: "Now, as the boy stands before Eden, the five kings in his wake, the goddess rewards his balanced judgment with her Light."
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