The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You
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"I also don't understand what about this city makes it so special. But you do. And if you think that something is truly worth fighting for, then perhaps turning back time and trying again is worth the risk after all."
— Hazuki to Rindo Kanade

Hazuki Mikagi (御鍵 映月 Mikagi Hazuki), or Haz, is a character in NEO: The World Ends with You. He is the Composer/"Purifier" of Shinjuku and an Angel, and in the Secret Ending, says he was following in the Composer of Shibuya's, Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu's, footsteps.


Haz is a fair-skinned young man with dark blond/brownish hair that is asymmetrically sideswept with a longer portion on his right side than his left side and brown eyes.

He wears a plain white v-neck T-shirt under an unzipped black track jacket with white phoenix symbols on each side. He wears black pants, dark grey camouflage slip-on shoes, and he accessorizes with a silver necklace and an earring in his left ear.


Although not much of Haz is seen, he seems to be very calm and curious about human nature, asking Rindo Kanade various introspective questions. He refers to Rindo as a "friend" and the somewhat overly assertive way he makes Rindo show him around and answer his complex questions despite them being complete strangers to each other and he both confuses and annoys the younger boy to an extent, and he quickly notices there is something off about Haz. Though friendly, he takes his role seriously and does not hesitate to punish his subordinates, as he “exorcised” Kubo. At one point he appears slightly amused when Rindo is struggling with what choice he should make and seemingly silently reacts to the boy's specific thoughts.

Haz later clarifies to Joshua that he asked these questions to gain a better understanding of why Joshua decided to spare Shibuya and its humans at the end of the first game, as he, like Joshua, seems rather misanthropic, calling humanity "irrational beings" and not really understanding why Rindo would risk the possibility of destroying Shibuya for another chance of rescuing his friends. This misanthropy seems to extend to the Reapers as well, as his actions apparently resulted in nearly all Shinjuku's Reapers being erased, and he is noted in the Secret Reports as being "famously unsympathetic" and "disinterested in the lower planes". He matter-of-factly corrects Rindo that Shinjuku was "cleansed," not destroyed, showing how Angels like him consider erasure merely means to clean spaces of impure things while every person who was actually a victim of said Purification considers it terrible destruction. He does not seem to hate humanity or hold them in contempt as Joshua used to, however, even as he looks down on them. He does seem to ease up on his misanthropy as he repairs the Reaper Pin for Rindo and helps give Shibuya another chance, which he curiously notes is quite irrational and unlike himself to do.

As his senior, Joshua considers Haz inexperienced and states that he's been a mess-maker since forever, seemingly because his disinterest in the lower planes can make him treat them with carelessness.



Three years prior to NEO, Haz wanted to purify Shinjuku and recruited the Angel Tanzo Kubo to carry it out. Shinjuku's Conductor, the brother of Tsugumi Matsunae, was against this but was erased during the process of trying to stop Kubo.

It is unclear what Haz was doing during the Reapers' Game during NEO. The Secret Reports mention that the Composer is not allowed to interfere with the UG unless it is via their proxy, and that some Angels from the Higher Plane were both for and against Shibuya's purification, suggesting Haz's lack of interference was due to playing by the other rules of the Angels.

Considering his role as Composer and an Angel, it is likely he always had power over both Shiba Miyakaze and Kubo, and was watching over the Reapers' Game. He may have wanted to make a bet with Joshua to see if Kubo could succeed in purifying Shibuya and if Rindo could stop him, with Haz wanting to purify Shibuya while Joshua was against it.

NEO: The World Ends with You[]

Haz first appears indirectly during the conclusion of Week 3's Final Day', exorcising Tanzo Kubo from the UG and erasing the entire murder of Soul Pulvis in one divine blast, thus preventing the Executor from cleansing Shibuya.

On Final Day'', he approaches Rindo Kanade who is slumped beside the Statue of Hachiko and asks him for a tour of Shibuya. Together, they visit the Scramble Crossing, Miyashita Park, Cat Street, Tower Records, Spain Hill, Center Street, Tipsy Tose Hall, and finally, the Udagawa Back Streets. Each time along the way, Haz asks Rindo different introspective questions: what draws people together, how does one know if someone's important to them, how Rindo feels about emotions, what "respect" means to him, how he'd handle a crisis, if he likes playing games, and if his thoughts are different from his words.

Rindo realizes his friends make Shibuya special.

After Rindo leads him to Udagawa, Haz apologizes for Kubo's actions and explains the circumstances surrounding his time in the UG, Haz concluding with offering Rindo one last chance to change his fate. He does this in order to get Shibuya's Composer, Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu, to intervene in the conflict, but fails as he remains hidden.

Afterwards, Haz modifies the bird Noise born from the temporal distortions to become one being, Phoenix Cantus, making it easier for the party to defeat, but still giving them a challenge as he still wanted to purify Shibuya.

In the Secret Ending, Haz talks with Joshua on top of the 104 Building, apologizing for the mess he made in the UG and lower planes. They talk about his conversation with Rindo.


Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu[]

The secret ending reveals that Hazuki, as Joshua's junior, views him as a role model of sorts. Both of them call each other friends, though Joshua considers him a mess-maker. It seems that Hazuki may have a bit of a fixation on Joshua, as he may have moved to cleanse Shinjuku after seeing Joshua's initial plans for Shibuya in the first game, and as it is insinuated that he has been trying to draw Joshua out and tempt him into breaking the higher plane's non-interference rule during the events of NEO's Week 3. During their conversation in the Secret Ending, they admit to each other they have both acted a bit irrationally in relation to humanity, in reference to Joshua having faith in their success and Hazuki helping Rindo despite how unusual it is for him to do so.


  • The name Hazuki means "reflect/reflection, project/projection" (映) (ha) and "moon" (月) (tsuki/zuki).
  • Hazuki's surname Mikagi means "honorable" (御) (mi) and "key" (鍵) (kagi).


  • "Hey, friend."
  • "Man, it's a real concrete jungle out there, wouldn't you say? You know. Wild."
  • "If earlier's better, I could take us back an hour or two? I'm kidding. If only."
  • "Well, not "destroy"-"cleanse." And I didn't "erase" him. I "exorcised" him."
  • "As I said, Kubo crossed a line-and for that, I wish to apologize. I have punished him and erased his Noise, and even kept this city of yours from harm."
  • "Tell me, Rindo: what is it that you like so much about this city? What makes it so special? Why fight so hard to protect it?"
  • "I've already done what I can to make amends for what happened here. Any more and then I'd be the one overstepping."
  • "As I said, the decision is yours. But with that decision comes responsibility. You've decided to once again expose this city to the threat of erasure. And to that end, you're now responsible for protecting this city from harm once more."
  • "Only time will tell. I'll be watching."
  • "I never intended Shibuya any harm. But rest assured that, as Shinjuku's Composer, I have personally eliminated the cause of the problem. Is that enough to earn your forgiveness?"
  • "Humans are the most irrational beings."


  • According to Tetsuya Nomura, Hazuki was almost the final boss of the game, but this did not come to be for unclear reasons. His clothes are embellished with the phoenix that became the established final boss, Phoenix Cantus.
  • The nickname "Haz" is not in the Japanese version of the game. In the English version, it is possibly a reference to his senior Yoshiya insisting being called by his nickname Joshua, foreshadowing the connection between the two.


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