"Tinged a midnight purple, these bats nip ravenously at your neck, sucking away your HP!"
— Noise Report

The Happycore Bat is a purple bat Noise in The World Ends with You.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

  • Energy Drain: Only when Pteropus Canor is present on the field, the Happycore Bat will swarm the wiring on the top screen only, draining the power from the Concert Stage's lights in order to give Pteropus Canor the Dark Immortality ability.
    • The Happycore Bat will not attack Neku's partner during this time, as it is its default setting during the battle with Pteropus.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Saw Wing: The Happycore Bat spins its body and wings into a pinwheel-like form, then sweeps down into the player to inflict damage.
  • HP Drain: The bat rushes at the player, or his partner, in order to take a bite out of them and steal some of their HP.


HappycoreBat(HP Drain)

Using HP Drain.

During a standard battle, the player should concentrate on erasing them to avoid HP loss. Being airborne, it can sometimes be difficult to judge where to aim in order to hit them with negative (long-ranged) psyche attacks. During the Pteropus Canor boss battle, the player should erase them to remove Pteropus Canor's Dark Immortality ability, but should stay mindful of their own HP Drain ability.

Other appearancesEdit

Week 3: Day 2Edit

Week 3: Day 3Edit

  • During Pteropus Canor boss Noise battle - Concert Stage


The Happycore Bat's name is a combination of "happycore" and "bat".