DS Version Edit

Guarding is a sticker ability gained by Shiki and Beat. When obtained, pressing Down on the D-Pad or B on the Button Quartet will cause Shiki or Beat to attempt to block any incoming attacks for a short period of time. Shiki will raise her arms, Beat, his skateboard. When an attack is blocked, it will display "BLOCK" instead of HP damage. Blocking will stop most attacks[1], whether they come from the front or behind. If an attack continues (Such as a Jelly's drifting spread tentacle attack), then it will be continually blocked until it stops "injuring" Shiki or Beat.

Guarding is also used by some Noise, such as Carcinopunk. Carcinopunk blocks the attack, then hit's for a powerful counter-attack. Some noises turn into a specific state/form that negates any damage (it will display "0"), and the player would have to wait or use another method of attack to cause damage. For example, the Fox noises negates all damages dealt from one screen when it's HP is critical, so the player must attack from the other screen.

Solo Remix Edit

Guarding or "Blocking" is unavailable to the player, as Partners no longer take any damage from enemies. However, enemies that once blocked in the DS Version will still use the comand, along with Reaper Beat.

  1. Jelly Neocoustic/Germanic's Tentacle Grab cannot be blocked.
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