Taboo wolves charge at prey with a mach tackle that does more than just hurt...
— Noise Report

The Grunge Wolf is the Taboo wolf Noise in The World Ends with You.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

  • Roam: Instead of remaining stationary, the Grunge Wolf will run around, getting ready to pouncing onto Neku when the chance comes. This is temporarily disabled at the start of battle, when the noise has been attacked or sometimes after it has attacked Neku. Only applies to bottom screen.
  • Taboo Defense: Taboo Noise only take full damage from attacks that are made by characters holding the Light Puck, as part of a Cross Combo, or from Fusion Attacks. All other attacks deal significantly reduced damage.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Subjugate: The Grunge Wolf will swiftly attempt to leap at Neku or his partner to harshly bite them and resume running. Neku should keep dashing to avoid this quick attack; his partner can attempt to dodge/block the attack.
  • Blazing Rush: The Grunge Wolf dashes at high speed from one side of the battle area to the other, damaging everything in
    Grunge Wolf (Lightning Charge)

    A Grunge Wolf's Blazing Rush attack.

    its path, while leaving a path of flames in its wake. While the Grunge Wolf will only dash across the screen once per use on the top screen, on the bottom screen, it may dash up to six times in one use.


The player should keep hurting this Taboo Noise without letting it move, since it can be a threat if the player is not cautious. Keep performing combos to pass the Light Puck between Neku and his partner. The Blazing Rush of the Grunge Wolf lasts longer than that of the Alterna Wolf, and dodging it can be a problem for inexperienced players.


The Grunge Wolf's name is a combination of "grunge" and "wolf".

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