Growth bonuses are pin bonuses that are gained whenever a pin levels up. Each pin has at least one of three possible areas that will be increased when the pin levels up.

There are 4 growth bonus pin areas. Each of these three areas makes the pin change the information in the corresponding area.

  • Power is a bonus that increases the damage that a pin will deal.
  • Uses is a bonus that increases the number of times that a pin can be used before it can reboot. On certain pins, like healing pins, the uses bonus increases the number of uses of the pin in a single battle or chain. In the case of pins that last for an amount of time, the time is increased instead of the "number of uses".
  • Boot is a bonus focusing on the boot and reboot times of a pin, usually decreasing the boot/reboot time.
  • Price is the amount of yen the pin is worth at the that certain level, a higher level pin will be worth more then the same pin at a lower level. A mastered pin is worth the most. This goes for all pins except the yen pins which are of equal value no matter their level.

You can check which growth bonus a pin will get by selecting it and then going to the Info 2 tag. In each field there will be a Y or a N. Y means the pin will grow in that field; an N means that it will not.

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