"This duo stirs up giant twisters strong enough to send their surroundings flying."
— Noise Report

The Grindcore Minks are a pair of mink boss Noise (one gold and red, and the other gold and black) in The World Ends with You. They are optional boss Noise on Week 2: Day 6.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

  • Noise Armor: Grindcore Minks have an unusual amount of health, where a large portion of it is "armor" in the form of an Armor Gauge. The Armor Gauge helps indicate when Grindcore Minks will start utilizing Tornado to wreck the battlefield.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Wing Slash: A Grindcore Mink attempts to slash the player, when they get too close, with the wing-like structures on its body. The attack hits 2-3 times.
  • Wing Bullet: A Grindcore Mink performs a roll and shoots out a penetrating wedge-shaped projectile at the player.
  • Whirlwind Dance: One of the Grindcore Mink will quickly spin into a whirlwind dance, making it invulnerable by annulling all psych attacks. It is able to move around in order to inflict damage to players close enough. This ability lasts for about 5-10 seconds.
    • Grindcore Minks will rarely use Whirlwind Dance at the same time. When they do, it is when they are attempting to use Tornado.
  • Tornado: When their armor gauge has at least depleted half-way, the Grindcore Minks perform their own individual Whirlwind Dances. Eventually, the pair will start to circle each other until they become two tall tornadoes. Neku will take minor damage from obstacles thrown about by this ability, but much heavier damage from touching the tornadoes themselves.
    • Attacking the pair on the top-screen during their start-up will disrupt this ability.


The Grindcore Mink share an HP bar between them and are some of the only Noise in the entire game to have a predictable attack pattern; allowing the player to easily plan their counter-strategy. Although, due to their weak defense, the Grindcore Mink are considered relatively easy to erase, they should not be taken too lightly.

The player should keep their distance during the Whirlwind Dance and Tornado abilities and hold off attacking until they end; both abilities makes the mink Noise invulnerable and so using psychs while they are in those forms only wastes a psych's uses. The player should attack the Grindcore Mink as normal when not in these forms with positive (close-ranged) psychs. Avoid negative (long-ranged) psychs, as mink Noise are resistant to them.


The Grindcore Minks' name is a combination of "grindcore" and "mink".