The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

Item 323 (''Final Remix'').png

Number 801Solo Remix

323Final Remix

Name Gourmet Rice Ball
Description Fragrant, salted sea urchin on the inside and fresh, decadent sea urchin on the outside. This rice ball is perfect.
Effects Goes down in 1 bytes.

Eat this to boost your sync rate roughly 200%.

Once you digest it by fighting battles, your Attack, Defense and Bravery will increase by 10.

Like/Dislike Levels
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Comments In addition to boosting Attack, Defense, and Bravery, the rice ball also boosts HP by 100. In Final Remix, chaining Noise nearby on Ultimate difficulty while eating these is the most efficient way to max a character's stats. This also applies to Solo Remix, though items from Coco Atarashi's shop will cost real-world money to buy. In Solo Remix, this item was numbered 801.