"Sunset-stained tattoos mark this wyvern Noise which attacks with the force of a tidal wave."
— Noise Report

The Goth Metal Drake is a drake boss Noise in The World Ends with You that has dark blue wings, yellow wing markings, and a yellow/orange/red/dark blue gradient tattoo body. It is an optional boss Noise in Dogenzaka on Week 3: Day 5.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

  • Amassed Body: Goth Metal Drake, with its large body mass, has an impressive amount of health than normal Noise. This also makes it impervious to being forcefully moved by abilities such as Psychokinesis.
  • Noise Armor: Goth Metal Drake has an unusual amount of health, where a large portion of it is "armor" in the form of an Armor Gauge. The Armor Gauge helps indicate when Goth Metal Drake is ready to blast the field with its Dark Inferno.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Red Orbs: Goth Metal Drake will lower its head to shoot out 3 orbs in a cone four times.
  • Tail Whip: Goth Metal Drake will swing its tail around to hit the player in front.
  • Drake Flight: Although it is overall slow in movement, Goth Metal Drake will occasionally take flight across the screen. Unlike Drake Dash, Drake Flight can occur in both the top and bottom screen. Inflicts damage and knocks back the player on contact.
  • Dark Inferno: Goth Metal Drakes will use this when at low HP. Goth Metal Drake will lower its head and give out a roar, followed by breathing out raging flames that can hit the player multiple times. This lasts longer than Ragtime Drake's Dark Flames. If the Goth Metal Drake is attacked before the fire appears on the screen, it will simply roar and it will not breath out flames.


The Goth Metal Drake, unlike the other three members of its Noise family, has the ability to use a powerful charged beam attack. Due to its size, it is quite slow; the player can avoid some of its attacks by simply staying above or below it.

The player should avoiding standing too near to the Goth Metal Drake, as it can quickly use its tail whip attack without warning, even after it has just used its projectile attack. Blocking with Neku's partner is crucial, as once they are trapped in its fiery breath attack, they cannot block it until the attack has finished. To avoid this, the player should quickly attempt to build up a Fusion attack in order to cut the attack off. The player may find pins that allow them to "juggle" the drake Noise (e.g. Masamune or Murasame) helpful.



The Goth Metal Drake's name is a play on "goth metal" (a subgenre of heavy metal music and gothic rock) and "drake" (another word for a European dragon).