These speedy wolves favor headlong tackles. Only the quick will get these curs to heel!
— Noise Report

The Garage Wolf is a grey wolf Noise with a blue tail and front legs in The World Ends with You.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

  • Roam: Instead of remaining stationary, the Garage Wolf will run around, getting ready to pouncing onto Neku when the chance comes. This is temporarily disabled at the start of battle, when the noise has been attacked or sometimes after it has attacked Neku. Only applies to bottom screen.

Active AbilitiesEdit

Garage Wolf (Bite)

A Garage Wolf using Dominate

  • Dominate: The Garage Wolf will attempt to leap at Neku or his partner to bite them and move back to a still position. Neku should keep dashing to avoid this quick attack; his partner can attempt to dodge/block the attack.


On the bottom-screen, Garage Wolves will roam from side to side and attack Neku whenever they have the chance, so he should attempt to stay out of their way. On the top-screen it will not roam and will only attack normally, so Neku's partner should simply attempt to dodge its attacks whilst dealing damage.
Garage Wolf Artwork

A Garage Wolf preparing to attack.


The Garage Wolf's name is a combination of "garage" (likely a reference to either the garage house, garage punk, or garage rock music genres) and "wolf".

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