"Adapted to absorb short-range attacks, these frogs will regain health with every slash!"
— Noise Report

The Funkfrog is a frog Noise legs in The World Ends with You and -Solo Remix- that has a dark yellow body, green eyes, and purple tattoos for its hind legs. It absorbs positive (close-ranged) psychs to restore its HP, and is one of only two Noise in the game (Fifenfrog being the other) to have that ability.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

  • + Absorption: The Funkfrog absorbs positive (close-ranged attacks) psych attacks, which will in turn allow it to recover its own HP based on how much "damage" was absorbed. Damage from neutral psychs, Neku's partner, Fusion Attacks, and Cross Combos are not absorbed.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Leap: The Funkfrog leaps onto the player, then leaps off to deal moderate damage. The leap is homing to a degree and so it is difficult to avoid by moving normally. However, dashing while the frog is attempting to land on Neku, or before it has leapt off is usually a good method of avoiding taking damage from the attack.
  • Bubbles: After standing still to inflate its throat sac, the Funkfrog releases a number of bubbles that inflict damage on contact; damaging the bubbles will pop them (the bubbles are considered airborne, so ground-based attacks will not destroy them). Attacking the Funkfrog while it's inflating its throat sac cancels the attack altogether.


The Funkfrog absorbs positive psych attacks, so the player should avoid using close-ranged psychs when fighting them, and instead use pins with negative (long-ranged) or neutral psychs. Alternatively, Neku's partner can be used to attack, as all his partners' attacks have a neutral polarity.


The Funkfrog's name is a play on "funk" (the music genre) and "frog".