The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

The Frog Family is a type of Noise in The World Ends With You-Solo Remix-, and -Final Remix-. The Frog Family is the largest family of Noise in the UG, along with being the most common type of Noise to be found. They also have a diversity of unique abilities between each kind of Frog Noise, including the spawning of Sprog Noise, dealing damage to nearby attackers with bubbles, and absorbing psychs of particular polarities.

The Frog family occupies entries 1-9 in the Noise Report.

Noise 1.PNG Noise #1 - Dixiefrog

Noise 2.PNG Noise #2 - Bigbanfrog

Noise 3.PNG Noise #3 - Funkfrog

Noise 4.PNG Noise #4 - Brassbanfrog

Noise 5.PNG Noise #5 - Orchefrog

Noise 6.PNG Noise #6 - Southerfrog

Noise 7.PNG Noise #7 - Fifenfrog

Noise 8.PNG Noise #8 - Tradishfrog

Noise 9.PNG Noise #9 - Choirfrog


All but a few frogs are some of the weakest regular enemies in the game and as such their damage output is very low. However, their small size and tendency to jump about make them rather hard to hit with scratch psychs.

Bottom Zone[]

  • Leap: The frog will leap onto Neku and leap off, dealing damage. The leap has some small homing properties and as such is difficult to avoid; however, the frog can only leap so far. This move doesn't seem to activate unless Neku is in range. A pin with Vortex Saber psych, such as Lightning Rage, can knock them off before the damage is dealt.
  • Bubbles: The frog stands still to start inflating its throat sac, eventually releasing about a number of bubbles that will inflict damage on contact. Neku can damage these bubbles to remove them. The bubbles count as airborne, and are an easy source of Technical EXP early in the game. Choirfrogs release a single purple bubble mixed with the other bubbles that deals heavy damage and inflicts HP Drain.
  • Absorb: Funkfrog, Brassbanfrog, and Fifenfrog can absorb close-range, long-range, or non-neutral attacks, respectively. One easy method of dealing with this property is to use the partner to deal damage.
  • Poison: Tradishfrog and Orchefrog inflict damage on contact. This will not happen while Neku is attacking the frog with positive psychs, but the player must be careful in order to not be touching the frog after a combo.

Top Zone[]

  • Jump: The frog will make a jump to the character in the center, then jump off the character, dealing damage. Avoidable and blockable.
    • Joshua Only: Joshua can dodge this attack, and the frog will end up on the other side of the screen. Also, Tradishfrog (Noise.8) will inflict knockdown on the top screen regardless of damage if Joshua is Levitating.
  • Bubbles: Like the bottom screen, the frog will inflate and then release bubbles in the center. These bubbles can hit both airborne and grounded characters and, in a worst case scenario, can juggle your partner until the bubbles disappear.
    • Beat Only: Beat can use his Ground Finisher to both dodge and remove the bubbles if timed correctly.

Notable Drops[]

The following pins can be dropped from Noise in the Frog family. Pins listed as Exclusive Drops can only be obtained as drops from those Noise.

Exclusive Drops[]


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